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April 09, 2007


Daisy Cottage

I am SO incredibly honored and touched by your generously kind words Nicole. Thank you very very much.


Wow, I'm so touched and honored. Thank you so much for all the kind words you said about me.

I'm not ten times more talented but thank you for saying that!

In Friendship!

Lisa D.

Wow, your post blew me away, Nicole. You are such an inspiration to ME, I am happy that I can do a little bit of the same for you. I am so happy to have met you too and enjoy our daily conversations. Keep on quilting, my friend, and I'll keep trying to talk you into buying fabric!

Speaking of which, your lilac photo made me realize how much I missed the lilac trees from my old house. This house has a smaller yard and not really room for huge trees, but I stopped by the nursery on my way home and bought a dwarf Tinkerbelle lilac. I can't wait to plant it!


What a happy, sweet surprise this was to wake up to this morning. Thank you - I would have to say we both really lucked out in the sister department.

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