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July 03, 2008


Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love your quilt, Nicole. And all your points seem to meet perfectly. But now you've scare the h--- out of me. I've never made a pinwheel block, but I've made Lemoyne stars and I now recall what a pain it is to make all those points meet. Oh well, my quilt will be sort of small, so maybe I can do it. I think I'll start today. Maybe.


Love the pinwheel quilt! :o) I can think of two solutions to the "meet in the middle" dilemma. One is to press the seams open as you stitch, rather than both to one side. The other is to snip about a quarter inch inside your seam allowances near where all seams intersect and smush the centers open and flat. I'm sure there are others, but there's my 2 cents. :o)

Covered Porches

Your photos make me want to attempt this-- gorgeous. Any advice would be appreciated.


Nicole that is a wonderful quilt...pinwheel quilts are labor intensive but so worth it in the end! LOVE IT!

Miss Jean

There is that little trick that you can do to make the centers "whirl" around so that the bulk is spread out. Clear as mud?

My favorite spot to sit is in my bed. Big comfy mattress, puffy comforter, big bolster pillow! I get myself all propped in with my cup of tea and a book or my jumble puzzle (I'm addicted!). I can look out at the beautiful flowers in my yard. My favorite time is reading the Sunday paper while it's raining outside. Decadently lazy!


Your pinwheel quilt looks fabulous draped over the couch. White upholstery and a pet?? Recipe for disaster!
My favourite place to sit is wherever one of the cats has vacated. I'm also a right side of the couch person -- and have my little Ott light on the side table there but sometimes there's a big kitty there and I don't have the heart to move him!

Quilt Nut

so beautiful!

i take over our love seat and lay across the entire thing with my feet either sticking off the one end or tucked up under me

Karen Lee

Love this but not enough to share my nest. Its a nest. I think that about covers it. But I appreciate the close up to peek at the fabric and the quilting, too!

Messy Nesty Love, *karendianne.

Karen Beigh (Log Cabin Quilter)

I think the pinwheel quilt is a nice addition to your comfy sofa. I sit on the left side of my sofa and it shows, even though it is fairly new.

Mary Wood

Nicole another Gorgeous quilt looks good on your lounge.untill ozzie gets too it he he he.i would love to post you a photo of mine but dont know how to do that bit yet just learning with this computer age will get my daughter in law to show me she is my teacher.
Hugs Mary.


Hmmm... I was thinking of making a pinwheel quilt. I love your version.


I love the quilt on your couch. I am a huge Vienna Nights fan. Actually, I think I am crazy about anything "3 Sisters"!

If you zip over to my blogsite you will see my 2 favorite places to sit.


I have one pinwheel quilt and I really enjoyed making it. I love that shop in Sun Prairie! If you ever get that way, there are a lot of really great shops within a days drive of each other. Well worth the trip!


Love to sit and stitch on my green chair that I bought at a garage sale over 30 years ago! Now my daughters (24 & 22) are fervently discussing who is going to inherit this chair. I think they are starting to reach the age where they are sentimental and remember that Mom has always sat in this chair to work on her quilts. Love your pinwheel quilt.


Hi Nicole! My favorite place to sit is in our bedroom. Can't hear the tv (although I have a tiny one right there if I want to watch something quietly :) and my dear pooch Teddy usually follows me. He's not a big TV fan either! I like to sit and dream of quilts I will make. The original watercolor above the chair was painted by Cinde Nelson, a local artist. I will someday make that quilt in cloth. Happy 4th! I'll post it on my new blog...which I am slowly getting braver about!


I lovep pinwheel quilts but agree about the bulk in the center...ironing gets interesting! Once upon a time, before kids, we had a white couch. Also had the white couch until the kids were 10 and 12. Finally replaced them. They were not so white any more! I have a green chair and ottoman that I mine all mine! In the winter I love so sit there with my feet propped up covered in whatever quilt I'm binding!


The quilt looks so pretty with the sun shining on it. My fav spot to sit is a glide rocker where I have spent many an hours rocking a cranky grandchild or reading or handsewing. It has alittle squeak to it that just relaxes me.


Love your pinwheel quilt! I just love scrappy quilts!

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