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September 30, 2008



VERY Karen Dianne, very Nicole, too, methinks. And I ALWAYS start a new project when I feel overwhelmed with all that is in the works. Always.

Karen Lee

Oh Nicole, you've nailed it! This is totally something wonderful to share. I'm so thrilled to watch it come to life. This is am amazing quilt and a great size, too! And I love the Spinning Stars paper. Its pretty!

I'm happy. :)


I am going to try using this paper method. It sure beats squaring up hundreds of blocks!

I look forward to seeing the end result.


That's a cute project. I know how you feel. I have so many projects that "should" be finished first, but I can't help but start a new project instead. :0)


LOVE starting new projects - there's nothing like it. Those Spinning Star papers look very interesting - I HATE triangles - I can never seem to get them acccurate.


Me too! I love starting new projects and "forgetting" about the old ones. I have 2 baby quilts more than half finished but I got discouraged and put them aside. I hope to get back into the groove with them soon so that the babies can get the quilts before they go to high school. LOL.

I like that paper method for making triangles. I will have to research that.


LaDonna S

I'm the same way, a million projects in the works, feeling overwhelmed, so what do I do? Buy more fabric, and start a new project!!!! Glad to see I'm not alone in this!
I can't wait to see the finished product of your new project, I think it's going to turn out great!


oh migosh, even I might be able to do this one!!


I do exactly what you do....start something new. What does that say about us? Hmmm. I also have that kit. It's still in the bag so maybe this will motivate me to start it.....or maybe not. LOL
Love your blog.

Sherri did you know...that's exactly what I do when I'm overwhelmed with too many projects...start another!

Lisa D.

While nothing beats the thrill of a new project, starting something new when I have too much on my plate just makes me even more uptight. I would love to work on something different and new right now, but I have chores to finish. Ick. I'm sure people aren't even looking at my blog, I haven't posted anything quilty in weeks, it seems!


I LOVE Bonnie Blue Quilts. I bought a kit for one in June. The pattern is Second Hand Clothes. I have been looking at it pretty longingly lately. Might just have to pull it out and get started on it. Just like you I have at least a dozen of other projects already in the works to be finished. It's a sickness!!

Mary Wood

Nicole I think I might be able to do that I am scared to start cutting in case I do it all wrong. I am desprate to quilt But just cant push myself to do it you have just given me insperation to try.
Hugs Mary.


i have those on a roll but tend to prefer thangles since i can cut strips (which is satisfying to me for some crazy reason). i love half square triangles and anytime a quilt calls for them, i ALWAYS use thangles to do them... none of that crazy math for me!

and the most i have done is 576 1.75" finished half square triangles for a queen size quilt top. so no, i don't think you are crazy.


this is exactly what i projects rejuvenate me! i need help with half square triangles...this might be perfect for me.


I'm another fan of Bonnie Blue patterns. This is a great one!


Wow what a great product! I'm going to give that one a shot! Thanks for sharing!


I am so with you...start a new project! LOL!
Love that quilt...Bonnie Blue patterns are wonderful!


Papers are absolutely the best way to go! They are so fast AND accurate! Love the new project.

Kathy Wagner

You go girl!
I totally agree!
I haven't tried this method of HST's yet...
looks like fun...I think I'll start a new project!

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