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April 22, 2009



i tried to buy the April Cornell bundles yesterday, but pay pal said they were already sold ... it is STILL saying they are sold ... if they are NOT sold, I WANT'EM!!!

love the top you are working on ... and it is good to know about the side effects fromthe vaccine - i was thinking about getting it, too - but i can't afford a week off from work, either


You are being so considerate of your somewhat paranoid co-workers! If they were aware of how many times they have probably been exposed to chickenpox at the grocery, discount store, health club, church, etc. it would definitely give them palpitations!


The top is looking lovely! I'm sorry about your paranoid co-workers. Too funny.


I hope it clears up entirely soon! You were lucky to catch them (and so kind to your coworkers). I had a case in February that were brought on by stress. My first and hopefully last shingles! I couldn't believe how common they are (if you've had the chicken pox, chances are you'll get them some time in life...) It was so painful up and down the nerve endings of my arm. I will be getting the vaccine! It's worth it not to go through six weeks of pain and blisters again.


I'm sorry you have shingles! They are painful no matter how I'm told. If you have to be home, at least you are well enough to still sew.
Carol, NE


How sweet of you to be willing to take time off without pay for their benefit! I hope you get all better soon. :~)

Love the quilt!


My husband says he never had the chicken pox either! But he was around our two children when they had them and he never caught them. I have heard that sometimes people have them and don't even realize it as they have such a mild case. I don't know that for sure, I just know he never got them and our kids had them good! Make good use of your sewing time. :)

Wish I could buy some of your bundles but I am on a spending freeze from fabric also, plus saving my money for the NQA in Columbus OH in June. Good luck with your stash reduction.


You were so wise to get the vaccine. My husband had shingles over Christmas and was beside himself miserable. We're pretty sure our daughter ended up with a light case of chicken pox, even though she was vaccinated.

Enjoy the quilting!!! You've got a good excuse.


Yikes, I had no idea there was a vaccine. I feel torn about that for sure. Had you had chicken pox? I think when Frankie was little Bret got the vaccine, but Frankie had the chicken pox twice.Weird. I had them as a kid.

Anyway you finished the stunt sewing? Wow you are fast.



Could you tell me how you were able to get a paypal link. I like this idea of selling some items and thought you could give me some info.


Okay, I was a bit late getting on line this morning but had decided that I would buy the Decadent Victorian....DAMN, DAMN, DAMN...excuse my french. Once again, I missed out. Probably just as well but I thought about it all night, almost got up at 2 am and bought it, LOL. Ah well, so goes life. Now, I have to tell you that I'm am so glad you got the shingles vaccination Nicole so you will (hopefully) be spared the agony of ever going through them. I wish it had been available years earlier. I have had shingles 4 times...yup, count them, 4 times. Now under normal circumstances most folks will only have them once. Of course like chicken pox, it can depend on how severe the case is...if it is very, very mild, then you can get them again. However, 'unlike' chicken pox, you are not immune to shingles once you've had them, though, as I said earlier, you normally won't get them more than once. My first case was a very severe one 6 years ago, involving the left side of my face including my eye. The pressure in my eye went up to 35 (normal is around 12-15) and the muscle that dialtes the eye got so tight that it stopped working. I didn't have any actual blisters on my eye but the inflammation from my face caused the eye problem. I did get blisters in my sinus cavity was a terrible experience and the pain was phenominally horrible. It lasted for over 6 weeks and then the neuroophthalmologist used medication to keep my eye completely dialated for another 6 weeks so I had a lot of fun at the check out counter in stores watching people try to decide which eye they should be looking at when they talked to me. Anyway, this left my eye with residual damage so it still doesn't dialate completely and now I keep my blinds closed most of the time to block out bright sunlight (very sad because there is nothing more beautiful and uplifting than sun shining throughout the house.) Also, and this has led to some pretty funny experiences at night, I have no vision at all in my left eye at night when the lights are off. So of course we have night lights in every room now...keeps me from walking into doors and walls, LOL. Okay, I know there are folks scoffing and saying 'no way she had them 4 times' but they are all hospital documented cases of bonafide shingles. None as bad as the one involving my eye, but very painful all the same. The reason is because having a connective tissue and auto-immune disorder like Scleroderma opened me up to multiple cases. I checked into the vaccination but if you have already had shingles, you don't qualify. One last thing on the shingles Nicole, the doctor told me that as well as staying away from children due to the chicken pox issue, I also needed to stay away from elderly folks and anyone with a compromised immune system, especially anyone on chemo and dialysis because even if they have had chicken pox, they 'could' get shingles from me if for some reason they came into direct contact with any of the blisters. I don't know if you have ever had anything that put you in a situation where you had to call the doctor from your car when you arrived and they brought you in through the back door wearing masks and gloves but it is a little unnerving for people in the waiting room. When I walked in, people parted like the Red Sea...Okay, theres my experience with shingles and I would have to just add that for anyone reading this that hasn't had shingles, if you can afford it...please get vaccinated. Even though, as Nicole did, most people have mild reactions, it is far better that suffering through the real deal. On to more important things...I'm sorry you had to miss work Nicole, but oh my goodness, your 'Summer Winds' quilt is so gorgeous. It has been a favorite pattern of mine for a long time and seeing yours just makes me want to make it even more. Wouldn't it have been lovely done in the 'Decadent Victorian'??? ***sigh*** On that note, I'd better close this huge post before I get back on my poor pitiful pearl stool. I do hope your feeling better and can get back to work soon. Gentle hugs comin your way.

Mary Flynn

I too would like to know how to get Pay Pal on my blog. I see alot of people putting items for sale at the Etsy shop using Pay Pal as well.
I love Chelsea but just can't afford even $85....if it isn't purchased are you reducing it?

Lisa D.

Sorry that you had to suffer shingles and an unpaid leave to get the week off work. Your Summer Wind quilt is lovely, though.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

The Summerwinds quilt top is just beautiful!

Allyson in Alaska

Summerwinds is gorgeous. I love medallion quilts and the colors are so yummy.

So does this mean you're done with your celebrity sewing projects? That was fast! Any sneak peaks on the horizon? (subliminal subliminal)


Wait a second... didn't you change the name of this quilt? Something about the original name sounding like a feminine hygiene product?

So if I've had chicken pox, does this mean I can get shingles now? Lucky me, I got chicken pox when I was 38. My family and friends thought it was hilarious... and it kind of was. Sort of... after the itching stopped. And the jillion or so red spots went away.

barbie Jo

I was also glad to hear you opted for the shingles vaccination.
My Dad developed a severe case in his late 80s. An otherwise very healthy man he was extremely miserable and in pain for over a year.
Stay happy sewing!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

That quilt is gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear of your mini-shingles experience. I've never had shingles, but I have had chicken pox and cold sore. Vann and I have talked about getting the vaccine, but haven't done it yet. Of course, Vann probably wouldn't be able to take it now, what with the cancer and chemo. But I know I should get it. I think I'll check it out today--maybe.


Oh Nicole bless your heart...trying to be cautious and your co-workers are flipping. Your Summer Wind top is just coming along wonderfully.


Love your quilt top so far. I know you need the income but think of this week as a quilting retreat if you don not feel to unwell.


The quilt is beautiful, Nicole! I'm glad you got to work on it, but sorry you missed out on paid work! I have a friend that just got over facial shingles - she only learned after about the vaccine! Good for you in getting it even if it caused a little discomfort!

Becky in Georgia

My husband had a similar situation last month with a pneumonia shot. It was given to him at a well visit, too. He spent 5 days in the hospital and missed two weeks of work. He won't be getting that injection again.

Don't you just love the Wuthering Heights fabric line? I made 3 different quilts from that fabric line and still have some scraps. Your quilt looks great.


Please keep us posted on whether or not you think the shot was a good idea. I feel bad for you... I understand that it hurts a lot! Great use of your time away from work though:) Summer Winds is turning out gorgeous!


What a bummer! At least your quilt is coming along beautifully :-)


My sister is in the throes of a major shingle outbreak. She is miserable, needless to say. Her doctor told her that she would not recommend the vaccine....that there was only a 10% chance it would work, and that it was $200 and ins. co. won't pay for it unless you are over 60. I'd be curious what your doctor said about it's efficiency. And here I saw MY doctor yesterday and forgot to mention it....

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