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January 27, 2010


Libby Dillard

Be careful! My sister-in-law had some dental work done over Thanksgiving, a few days later she had a red spot on her cheek. She went to the Dr. for something unrelated, he saw the spot and sent her to the emergency room. She had a staph infection that spread into her sinus! She was in the hospital for about a week!
You take care of yourself!


My goodness, bless your... well I was going to say "heart" since we say that alot here in the South but now I'm thinking to bless your entire Being. Be well my friend. Healing and Light, *karendianne.


Take care of yourself and get better! And take advantage of all the attention while you can - you need it! I'm praying that you will recover soon. ~Adrienne~


Oh my goodness! I hope you get some relief soon. You many be right about the poison ivy theory. Saying a little prayer for you!

Hugs & Stitches,


I'm glad someone finally paid proper attention for you. Poor Nicole. Hopefully it clears up quickly.
I know what you mean about Sophie, I have two Maltese that sleep with me in my bed. I can completely see how a dog could bring in something not so good. Maybe get her a bath if she gets out like that again?

Lizzie Swinney


My thoughts are with you. Mend well!



First urgent care and then the dentist! Oh good grief - you poor thing!! Please tell me you are not working! You need some R&R after that day. I am so, so glad those doctors are finally being proactive but what a pain for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they resolve this for you soon. Eye stuff is no fun. I had a very brief run in with Scleritis last year and know first hand how scary eye stuff can be. All your blog friends are sending good thoughts your way! BTW, you look fabulous in those sunglasses!

Jane McCarthy

oh, I feel your pain. I had a bad eye infection that continued to get worse despite my lame over-the-counter treatments. On Christmas morning it was so bad I couldn't open it at all. After stockings and Christmas breakfast (we had company) I went to the ER. Went home with eye drops and an eye patch--aaarrgh matey! Many pirate jokes for the rest of the day. Get well soon. So glad you have concerned doctors.

Jane @

Lisa D.

Oh my goodness! I'm glad you got in and were taken seriously. I hope things will improve in the next day or two. Eye stuff is scary.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Her is sowwy, Nicole. Her won't do it again.
Seriously, I hope they get this under control soon.

Shelley Dionne

Nicole, Hope it all recovers soon and you are a two-eyed quilting gal again!

Miss Jean

Well, at least you look really stylish in those glam sunglasses! Poor thing! If it doesn't rain it pours. Take care and have a fun sew day. I'll pray that you can.


Are you SURE you shouldn't follow the dentist's advice and get the x-rays? I can't help but think that if it were poison oak, you'd have it in more places than your eye. Hoping you'll be well soon!




Oh Nicole, I am sorry to hear of this miserable eye problem you have going on. That is not good!! How interesting it may be connected to the mouth work done on you. Did the urgent care Dr. think it may be connected? Those insurance issues are so frustrating. Take good care of yourself.
I want to compliment you on your beautiful Toulouse quilt! It has turned out beautiful. You do very nice work. I noticed your plastic case in the picture. Is that how you store your quilt projects? I have been collecting more fabrics and patterns lately and am in a mess of sorts. I wondered how you like that particular plastic case for storage?
I hope you see improvement on your eye very soon.
Beverly in WA

Jennifer Hogsed

I hope you feel much better very soon!

Elaine Adair

Sometimes, a gal needs friends who just say, "Poor Baby"! 8-))) I think you are on the right track with the dog/allergy thing. Clever girl AND Poor Baby! Get well soon!

Kathy Wagner

I bet you are right about that Sophie giving you cooties!
Sure glad to hear that you got some good medical care :)


Nicole, how awlful and worse yet what you had to go through with the insurance company on the first visit. I agree, you should get the X-ray just to be sure there is no underlying causes. Take care and hugs & prayers sent your way for a speedy recovery.


Poor Nicole! I don`t know what is worse, the eye infection or having to take prednisone. My cat sleeps on my bed as well despite my severe allergies. She is worth it, And Sophie is too!


What a time you have had lately Nicole- I hope that the antibiotic and steroids do the trick and you are feeling much better soon. Hope that Sophie is recovered from her adventures ( you and Ahren too)
Take care of yourself-
Sending you warm and positive thoughts
Warmest regards,


Oh Nicole I do hope you are much better by tomorrow. Take care. And give Sophie a quilty hug for me.

Nanna mary

My thoughts are with you. You might have been bitten by A mozzie if they bite me near my eye it swells up and itches like mad.I hope you are well soon.
Hugs Mary.

Laura Tawney

Hi Nicole,

The other thing you might try is seeing an opthamologist. Right before I left for Hawaii I ended up with a bad infection and had to take some drops with me hoping it wasn't going to turn into a virual infection. Then it was discovered I had Map Dot Dystrophy and I don't think it would have been discovered unless I had seen a specialist for eyes. I'm not really keen on urgent care doctors especially for eyes. I would think your insurance company would cover the opthamologist because it would be a medical problem.
Just a thought. I hope it gets better!
Laura T

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