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March 25, 2010



Usually I look at your quilts and think, wow, I really want to make the time to quilt. Today I read your post and thought, wow, I really wish I had a summer cottage where I could put all those quilts I want to make. LOL


Don't you touch that quilt! It is perfect the way it is. And what nice comment from Ingrid that it made her wish she had a summer cottage. High praise for the effect!

As for your first photo, I have decided you can't take a bad picture with good light but good luck trying to take a good picture when the light is iffy. Based on the slice of light to the left, I'm thinking you had an uphill battle but it is fine enough to be able to see the quilt. It will be lovely.


I'm glad I bought that book. Beach House is a great pattern. Love the blues and yellows.

Karen Beigh

I haven't paid a visit for a little while. I really like the log cabin blocks you have in your blog header.


Your Beach Cottage is looking so good, has very much the same feel as Kim's original. And the Mill House is fabulous. Can't wait to see that one quilted.

Denise in PA

I'm starting my Beach Cottage this weekend! I can't wait! The Mill House is lovely also.

Helen in Switzerland

It looks great! But you are so right about there often being one colour in jelly rolls that doesn't seem to fit, but provides the zing for the whole thing. I'm blogging right now about making a quilt with a Martinique jelly roll by Moda - and there is a red in there that really gives it some spice - but like you I'm going to have to be really careful about how I place it - it is just so dominant. But without it the other fabrics are pretty but a little, dare I say, dull. My mother would call them subtle (and as she wears beige all the time, I'm not sure I'd take it as a compliment). Your blues and yellows are lovely though - and I've been looking at that pattern too...!


If you put your digital camera to black and white, take a picture of your blocks on the design wall, you will see exactly what you need to move around. You will only work with value when in blk & wht.

Sinta Renee

You are so right! The dark color in that Mill House collection really adds to the quilt. That pattern you are using-Beach House- is really fun. I like the look! I want to go sit on that porch swing with the lemonade close by!


I've set aside a collection of batiks in tan, light green and warm purple for my Beach Cottage, but love your very very pretty yellow and blue combo! I know what you mean about wishing for one more opportunity to switcheroo...I have that regret every time!

Mill House Inn is a gorgeous line. My DD has chosen a couple prints from it to have in her quilt. Love your take!


I love Beach Cottage and your Mill House Inn quilt...I really love Mill House first I didn't think I liked the dark color either...but it adds so much to the quilt to have that color in!

Allyson in Alaska

Beach House is looking just like it's it belongs on a white wicker bed in a sweet little B&B somewhere on the coast, windows open, white filmy curtains blowing in the ocean breeze, a bucket of seashells on the dresser. If I close my eyes, I'm right there.

This new foot of snow we got yesterday is really taking it's toll on me, can you tell?

Wendy P

Lovely! I have a similar quilt I made from a pattern. I mentioned yours on my blog today!

Love the strong blue in there. Keep up the great work!


I had noticed that often one fabric colors where to me way off--and wondered why---now I know the "why"--thanks--I will be more careful and will use it--next time!!!!
Love both quilts--just lovely!!
hugs, Di

Nanna mary

Ilove your beach cottage quilt and you'r Mill House Inn But then again I love all the quilts you do You make it look so easy.
Hugs Mary.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Your Beach Cottage quilt is looking really pretty. And the Mill House quilt is exquisite! I tend to be too "matchy" sometimes, but I think the stronger fabrics keep both of these quilts from looking flat. They're beautiful.


My 2nd daughter asked me to buy her the Mill House bundle and chose a pattern that I think is that same one. I really am intrigued by the beach house quilt and am on the verge of going there too. Your quilts look great.


You are so right, I wondered what to do with that one fabric that sticks out. But placed correctly it works. I have that same pattern and want to make it someday.


Wasn't Sharon's comment clever, taking a B&W photo!! I'd never thought of that, but what a cheap and easy way to get a good look just at the tones, ignoring the colors!!

I LOVE the Mill House quilt, this is a good lesson to me, you know how I whine about using all the colors in a family, that quilt really shows off why that's the thing to do.

Beach house could not be lovelier!


What pattern did you use for the Mill House Inn quilt? I love it! Is it a Miss Rosie's?

Kathy Wagner

I love how the blocks in that Mill House quilt top all look so different depending on the placement of the!


VERY PRETTY!!!! I love the purplish brown color in the quilt as well. Quite striking!
Beverly in WA


Your creativity is shown both in your quilts and in your observations of them. Love it.

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