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May 31, 2010



I would say that description of Thelma, fits you as well, Nicole! The quilts are gorgeous, can just picture them all done up. Happy Memorial Day!

Cathy McMann

Beautiful! I like the use of the lighter color palette as well.

Mary Kastner

Hi Nicole,
Have a wonderful holiday with your husband. I love the quilts. Elizabeth and all it's neutrals are my favorite.
Best Wishes,


I did see Thelma's Madeline, and it is beautiful! Your Elizabeth is turning out gorgeous too! Have a great day!

Nancy Stevens

I saw Thelma's Masterpiece earlier today; now we have Nicole's Masterpiece. Bravo!


Even though they are made wit the same fabrics, they are so different - and oh, so beautiful!!!


Elizabeth is worthy of her royal appelation. She and Rouenneries make quite a stunning couple. Very very nice work!

Helen in Switzerland

Oh Nicole, your Elizabeth quilt is just gorgeous....envy, envy, envy....
A true masterpiece!

Loris Mills

These two quilts will look so rich and inviting together. Elizabeth is wonderful.
Thanks for the link to Thelma's site..her quilt is amazing!


Elizabeth is gorgeous! I'll be curious to see how more breathtaking it is after the borders. Love Madeline too. Such sophisticated ladies :)


Sigh. Your quilts are beautiful and inspiring.


Your Elizabeth is just beautiful!


Both quilts are beautiful. Can't wait to it completely done.


Yours both look gorgeous! I love how they look so different.


Nicole, I just came up with a wonderful new idea when I was looking at your Elizabeth....just kidding...she's perfectly lovely, I would not change a thing!!

Sandy E.

Awesome quilts. Thanks for sharing.
You are being very productive.

julie in the barn

Really beautiful quilts.

I know what you mean about being retired and long weekends. All my hard working kids are off on vacations but the long weekend is just like any other for me.

Becky in Georgia

Two super quilts! You're making great progress. Seeing your quilts makes me want one of each:)


I thought Madeline was simply beautiful. Now Elizabeth takes my breath away! It feels so light and airy. The two together will coordinate beautifully.


Both fantastic quilts but I adore Elizabeth. I am on all long weekends too now until August when I am back to the grind. I think I have a few more years in me for work but then I turn 60 and I think I'll be ready to stop then. Plus Freshmen college students are getting really annoying these days.

Wendy Currie

Beautiful quilts! I sure wish I had longer weekends,and now that summer is here it is so much harder to stay inside. I need to get back at mine. and I just love Thelma's version of Madeline...I need more hours in my days :)


YOur Elizabeth quilt is gorgeous!!

Sew Create It - Jane

They are both beautiful..well done!

Betty Meyer

I take back what I said in a previous post about the zig zag being the most beautiful rounneries quilt I had seen. Now you and Thelma get to top the list. I suppose one could do the same type of thing with rural jardin and the blues. The patterns are of course beautiful too.


Nicole, they are both exquisite, as is Thelma's!!! You must be so, so pleased with your effort!

My 'Spice of Life Quilts' arrived today. Carrie has excelled again. I will stay with the blues as I picked up two pillow panels about 6-7 years ago for this son and the colours will tie in. The panels are of your "cowboy" droving cattle in blue, beige, and chestnut. Martin is 19 going on 20 now but he would still like them made up, bless him, I guess it is nearly time but might wait just a bit longer incase you decide to make it as your next quilt. You are so inspiring, thank you!

Best wishes.

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