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July 15, 2010




I hope you're reading Nicole's comments today. Your quilts are beautiful. Your spin on Toulouse is wonderful, I just love it. I'm also jealous that your's is quilted...I've been waiting 6 months for mine to get quilted and am still waiting. The quilting on yours is wonderful.

Ah French General, is it possible to make an ugly quilt from that fabric, I think not. What a clever use of fabric.

Nicole, thanks for passing the pictures along.....amazing!!


Beautiful! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Helen in Switzerland

Lovely quilts Nicole - I particularly like the colour combination of the second one -it's really effective! Thanks for showing us Patt's quilts!
And aren't Carrie Nelson's patterns just excellent!!

Elaine Adair

How beautiful they BOTH are - I'm saving these for 'later' when I can enjoy them again! Thanks for the inspiration! 8-))


Beautiful quilts. Nice of you to share Patt's work on your blog so we could enjoy them with her.


Wow, oh Wow! What beautiful quilts. I love everything Rouenneries! This quilt is incredible. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Sandy (Strlady)

Your quilts are outstanding!! I love the border of the Toulouse, it frames that piece so beautifully! It is just WOW! Your Rouenneries piece is also wonderful. I love that it so well balanced (I'm a bit of a stickler for symmetry). Your eye just dances over that piece. Great Job!

Thanks Nicole for sharing Pat's treat with us!


Those are both fantastic quilts! I'm glad that you posted those. Patt did a wonderful job on both of them. Love that chevron border on the second one.


Stunning! Thank you for sharing those.

Lisa D.

Thanks for sharing Patt's quilts with us, Nicole. They are both so beautiful. Patt - I absolutely ADORE the border you made for Toulouse. That one change to the placement of color in your flying geese makes yours a stunning one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Both quilts are gorgeous, but the first one is making my mouth water and my heart flutter. Ooooooo! It would be so pretty draped over my couch.


Both quilts are stunning! Thank you for sharing!!!


I actually thought they were your quilts to start with so Pat was right you would like them..........great work Pat..........I love the quilts.........


I have become the biggest fan of pink and red - this quilt is absolutely wonderful!! I'm going to do one for me some day. And I do love the quilting on the 2nd one. Thanks for sharing.

Ajf 6

Music world, in the mind is free, you can go to try!

Mary Flynn

These are so darned pretty!!!

Allyson in Alaska

Oh wow Nicole. Both of these are beauties. I love that courthouse step pattern. It's so charming in any colorway. And Toulouse! My future dream quilt! I can't wait to get started on my very own this fall. This is good inspiration for sure. Thanks for sharing.


Love them both......especially the french general one. I love it when people balance colors and patterns.

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