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November 19, 2010


Sue Bennett

The button adds a nice touch. And you can get so many different buttons now. I would add the button to make it special.


Buttons! LOTS of buttons...can't ever have too many buttons! These are so cute!! Thanks for sharing!


I've noticed too that reading the instructions always makes things easier. ;)
Love your cute little bags and love the button... Let's see more.


I think buttons are a pain but it does add so much to the cute little bag! Do the buttons!

Wendy T.

Buttons are the icing on the cake. Your bags are very pretty and will make great gifts. Keep the pics coming.


Buttons, yes! Those bags are so cute. I do believe I will be off to find that pattern. I don't like zippers, but I'll trust you that it's easy!


I didnt' like the button so much, but maybe if it was a smaller button, or some other cute little decorative item, center a few in the top stripe, that might look nicer, at least, that's what I'd like to see! I might have to try making one and do that myself!


Oh I like the button - adds a little something. LOL

Very cute bags, Nicole. I'm seriously bagophobic and zipperphobic but I might have to try this pattern.


I like the button, but not enough to stress over whether I could find just the right one. It's darling without the button as well. If you can find some fun ones that work with your fabric, I'd use them.

Sandy (Strlady)

Seems like the buttons have it! LOL! I always avoid projects like this but with cosmetic bags at a premium and so much fabric sitting in my closet... I think I might need to venture into this unknown land. BTW: I think the button gives it a finished look. I was thinking you could even set a fabric flower in place of the button to give it some dimension. Either way it's cute!

badlands quilts

I think a strip of jumbo rick rack accross the seam would be cool...

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Minority Observation: The button is DARNED cute, but it would catch on things in my purse or suitcase and end up annoying me.


One word...buttons! Love the buttons. Love the bags. Love the Bliss...


Those are so darn cute! I think the bag would work either way, with or without the buttons. Tend to think as Nancy above, that the button may catch on things in my purse and that may become irritating. Some different flat embellishments may do the trick!


I think the bag is cute on it's own. I'm with Nancy, the button could be annoying. If you want embellishment, how about yo-yos, or a bow? A covered button in coordinating fabric might be okay if you really like the button idea.


These are adorable! I've made a lot of little bags, but these are way cute...and look faster than the ones I currently make!

Nancy Watkins

Cute, CUTE! I prefer no buttons.

Pam A

Love the button!!!! I would add buttons or even maybe a yo-yo with a button in the center made out of coordinating fabric.
Love the bags!


No button, it would get caught on things in your purse and possibly tear. But some thread play on the fabric before piecing? Definitely. Couch some metallics, use some fancy stitches with rayon threads, yes!


Oh Nicole, I think you hit the jackpot for a great gift idea!! The bags turned out so cute and nice to hear they are easy to make. I like the bag either way--but as someone else mentioned, a little yo-yo would be sweet. If you go to Terry Atkinson's blog, on 10-01-10 she posted a free pattern for a zippered bag for tissues or it could be used for anything small. I haven't tried it yet but hearing of your success makes me want to get in there and try it out. Thank you for your blog--I too love to embroidery and am a fan of Crabapple patterns and Bird Brain Designs. Hey, just an idea...a small embroidered flower or design may also work on the cosmetic bag...?? I am sure whatever you decide, it will look perfect, like your work always does. Have fun!!
Beverly in WA state


Very cute and fun. I like Terri's patterns too. She puts a lot of info into them. I like it best without the button.


Nicole just love the bags !! Yes definetly buttons would be just the finishing touch for these adorable bags ! What great xmas gifts !


A very cute and useful bag. I do love the button! :)


I commented earlier saying I was going off to get the pattern. And I did! And I bought 4 zippers to get started! No need to buy everyone I have a closet full!


Very Cute buttons or no buttons Looks good either way.
Hugs Mary.

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