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December 16, 2010



Well Nicole, I'll lead off on the comments. I enjoy a "newsy" blog such as yours. While we don't need to know all of the details of your personal life it is nice to know a bit about the person we visit with almost every day. As far as I am concerned you hit it just right - talking about your quilting for the most part but also giving us some insight into yourself. As you know there are tons of blogs out there on any matter of subjects. I visit three categories, quilting, what I call "life style" and cooking and if I find that they are getting a tat too "consumeristic" (my own word) or too "preachy" then it comes off my bookmarks. After all that - please keep on doing what you are doing - it works for me.


I love to read your blog. I like blogs that post often- if they don't I delete them. I love pictures and of course mostly quilts, but it's fun to see the pictures you have of California too- quite different from my midwest roots, and that's about the only way I travel. I like to see your decorating touches too.


First of all, I want to live in that house you pictured! Wow, that is beautiful!

Now...I like blogs that are multi-focused. If it's all one subject, such as all cooking, or all technical quilting, or all travel, down to the MPG they get, then I delete. I think you have the proper balance, and I love your blog. I sometimes think I over do one subject before I move on to another. This week it's been the blizzard! And in two weeks it will be more travel as we are heading to Arizona!

But, don't change your blog.....I love it!


I feel like your blog fits "my" perfect mark. I am never bored when seeing what you are talking about each time you post. I love quilting blogs..seeing what you are making, new projects..all these things are inspirational to others..I like the little peek into your personal to see and hear about the dogs. I delete a blog from my reading list as soon as it goes commerical..I don't like the ones that are always "giving a way" something..and I'm not into those ME, ME, Me ones either..I guess my life is pretty simple, but I enjoy reading your blog because it is all about the things that are important to me....quilting..books..dogs and something good to eat now and then..Keep doing what you are doing.. And if you get too personal we won't tell your husband..;)

Julie Rito

Hi Nicole,
I enjoy your blog so very much! I check into yours and Bonnie Hunters every morning evening and sometimes inbetween. I enjoy all the quilting you do and envy the beautiful quilts you post. I am mostly a scrappy person (unless I can buy a kit with all the fabric color coordinated) and have been doing Bonnie's mystery quilts. I also enjoy your decorating (if only I had the touch)! and your recipes and news about your family are always a plus. Thanks for sharing,
Julie Rito
Union City, Ca

Barbara Anne

Like Carla and Betty said! I like your blog like it is. The other type blogs I enjoy are similar in content to your - a friendly chat - but are about quilts, decorating, cooking, or poems. Any combination will do nicely, thank you!

Love the picture!! That would be an enchanting room in which to spend the day sewing binding on a quilt (which I will be doing) while it is snowing outside (90% chance of that here today).

Oh! I learned yesterday that Swirly Girls patterns and fabrics by Michael Miller are designed by friends here!! How about that?!


jenny moss

Love,love your blog, don't change a thing. Your blog is the first I check when I set down to spend a few minutes reading blogs. You inspire me to piece and quilt more. The dog blogs are priceless.
Keep on doing what you have been doing.


I check in with your blog each day to see what's going on. Love the adventures with Sophie & Ozzie and the everyday news that happens in all families! I especially enjoy the 'stunt sewing' and quilt-alongs with other bloggers. We're from the same generation and it's always fun to see something 'old' that's been rediscovered! (Poor Pitiful Pearl specifically)!! Your demonstrations have insprired...I now have my own Christmas gift sewing project happening with the cosmetic bag/zipper tutorial...those things are addictive!!! Keep doing what you're doing! There's always something fun going on in your blog!


Just as our lived are multi-layered, so should our blogs be... We are all more than just our quilting...or sewing...I love to visit blogs where we know just enough about you to feel we could drop in and have a casual conversation...that said..I have met some wonderful friends on line that I would never have known otherwise and treasure them...
I also like to find inspiration from other bloggers...
Keep up the good work...and really "we promise not to tell the hubby"...


Nicole - your blog is always so much fun to read! I think people who have a life outside of quilting and fabric are a lot more relate-able (is that a word?). Keep on keepin' on!


My favorite blogs are ones that I feel I have found a friend...someone to chat with, catch up on their news, see what's going on in their life, etc. Like sitting in someone's kitchen for a chat. I like a mixture of things on the blog, sometimes I learn something new, sometimes I just say, "Oh, I do that, too!" I like blogs that are personal to a point...which leads me to has just the right mix of everything! And as a bonus, lots of style! That photo above may not be your tree, etc. but when I saw it I felt like it COULD VERY WELL just screams you! Thanks for blogging...always a nice visit when I come.


I want to be inspired by a blog. I want to see pictures and more pictures of quilts from patterns I've never seen before. I love to see recipes, crafts, tutorials, examples of machine quilting and just a general sharing of what others are making and doing. That's what keeps me coming back to your blog Nicole. There is a sincerity that shines through your words. I bring my cup of coffee to the computer every morning and feel like we are sitting down for a nice chat....and the hubbys aren't even listening!


I think you've hit a nice balance - mostly about quilting, some cooking/dog/hobby things, and enough snippets of your personal life that you know there's a person on 'the other end of the line' - but you don't post so much personal stuff that it's overwhelming or unsafe for you and yours.

I don't care for the "look what I bought!" blogs. Maybe I've over sensitive in my own financial situation, but sometimes it feels like people are just rubbing it in that they can buy $200-$300 of fabric a week at the drop of a hat. I also don't like the ones where it's all about them and what they're kids are doing. I do like to read about quilting first and foremost - and a smattering of the other things!


I agree with the others! I like your blog because you have a nice mix of quilty news and life stories. I don't think you get too personal - as the others have said, it's like you are sitting chatting with us - like a group of friends sitting in a living room. This cyber world has joined us together - women (and men) who love sewing and creating - it's natural for us to chat about our lives too. Keep doing what you've been doing! BTW - Merry Christmas :)


Your blog gives me enjoyment to read because it covers many areas; quilting, everyday life, life in California and pets. As a busy working mom, I sometimes feel I have lost out on all aspects of life that don't involve my job or my kids. When I read your blog with my first cup of coffee it makes me feel alive and excited about possibly finding the time or money to make a quilt. I know that my busy life with kids will end soon, and instead of dreading the empty nest days, when I read your blog I feel that there is a good life to be had when the kids are gone. Thank you for giving me that hope.


I like lots of about the process of quilting...and a little about the blogger's personal life and thoughts.

It's the balance that's important, I think.

I've only just started visiting your blog, but I like what I see so far.


Well, here I sit with my morning coffee, checking in to see what Nicole is up to? Guess that says it all...must like your blog just the way it is. I wouldn't feel like I'm checking in on a friend every day if you didn't share your life with us.


Your blog is great, and it seems to portray who you are, which is one of the things I love. I like the personal side to it. Life is all about our different personalities.

I wouldn't change a thing.

Laura Tawney

Your blog is the first one I look forward to visiting each morning. Like the others have said above a good mix of quilting, personal, family, and work life balance. I'm also inspired by what you do and your other quilty friends and have been quilting more because of what you share. So keep it up and don't change a thing!
Laura T


Oh, I've got to comment on your post since I've been thinking about what blogs I like and which ones I've been deleting with wild abandon from Reader. First hat is off the anyone that finds the time and inclination to write a blog...whether it's something I'm interested in or not. A blog does show the personality of the maker.. and like meeting them in person, some people you 'click' with others not. My pet peeve with blogs are threefold: 1. lots of post selling patterns, handwork, etc---just not interested in always reading about what they're selling (or giving away)...delete!!2. blogs that seem to go 'off topic' for many posts--I don't mind reading about cooking, knitting, etc...but some folks seem to go off on tangents for many posts, do they totally stop quilting?...delete!!3. Any blog with cats and quilts that talk about their cats ad naseum...delete!!(sorry, I'm a dog person) I read your blog because I like what you write about, whether it's quilting or not...and I don't think your husband should worry that you've 'revealed' too much...seems you have a great balance here, keep it up.


Ditto - to all of the comments!!!

One thing I really enjoy about reading blogs is when the blogger shares a bit about where they live. I live in southern Louisiana - very different than Calif, or Japan, or Minn, or Arizona, or NC, or well....anywhere else in the world! Quilting is what connects us and even with that there are different things going on in different places and blogging helps us share and unite.

Keep up the good work - you are on the top of my blog list!!!!


What a great topic, Nicole! I love quilting blogs...but do love when other facets of life are added in...because that's the way life is! I love when a blogger shares a great idea with us about any topic related to quilting...and I love beautiful photos from around the world. I personally don't share very much personal info on my blog...but probably should share a bit more of that!

Kelly Wood

I like a friendly, chatty, caring blog. Your blog is in my "Google Reader" and I love visiting it each day. I feel like I am catching up with a friend. You talk about your life, family, job and , of course, our shared passion of quilting! I am not interested in all the stuff you have, unless it is special to you and you share the back story. I get mushy when you write about your son and his Irish lass, I get inspired when you share your latest quilt. As I said, I feel it is a visit between friends, and I love it that way!


I find your blog to be nicely balanced; I too, get bored very quickly when the only thing a person posts is how much they've purchased without ever following up to show us what they have made. You should write your blog the way you want to; anybody who doesn't like it simply doesn't have to read. For me, blogs provide a community of quilting friends. I don't have any quilt buddies in my own community but feel I have a wonderful circle of quilting sisters through the blogs I keep up on. And as a last note, I just want to say I really enjoy the way you share your quilting ideas, your decorating photos, and the ideas for recipes and such. Merry Christmas to you!


I've been checking in every morning for over a year now just to see what you're up to. I've even got my mom hooked. When we talk its as if we really know you...."so, did you see what Nicole posted today?"....So, I'd say you have a great balance of personal and quilting life! keep it up:)

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