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April 05, 2011


Sue Bennett

Looks really good with the naturals as the bigger star pieces. I like the way the smaller stars stands out. Great job.


It is beautiful, Nicole. I am now looking forward to seeing it quilted!! Yes, Thelma did a wonderful job and not only praised everyone's progress but she also encouraged which I think is very admirable. How timely too, now we have a month with Monique's!

Barbara Anne

Lovely quilt, great fabrics, and, as the British say, well done you! I love the many ways this pattern can be used and those quilts Thelma is showing are all wonderful! Applause to one and all!

I'm off to look at Thelma's display again and to the book tour stop du jour!

What is next for you?



It really did turn to be another beautiful quilt Nicole, I love your fabric/colour choices and as usual it was fun following your progress.
Thelma really did do a great job with this quilt along challenge,and what fun for all of us whether we were able to make the quilt or not.


Oh, what a nice post, thanks so much Nicole, you say the sweetest things in the most eloquent way!! It's been an adventure, I'm so happy you sewed along!


Your Eventide turned out so pretty. Yes! Thelma did an awesome job.


Everyone in this sew along did fabulous work. All the quilts turned out wonderfully. I am so jealous! Thelma did a great job with quilt along


Very pretty and I agree with you about sew alongs.


Beautiful quilt. I so agree with you about sew-alongs. I didn't participate in this one, but look forward to the next one. Thanks for sharing.


It is fantastic and looks like it fits your bed perfectly!


so, so pretty! It looks right at home there too - such a nice job. I really think I want to make this one, maybe this summer :)


Wish I'd joined in! Although, seeing everyone's variations at the end is rather good too. Your quilt looks really beautiful. So far my favourite of your quilts is Elizabeth, but I really think this one will rival it.


Very beautiful, Nicole! Congratulations on meeting the deadline. Those are so important to us multiple starters....


Congrats on another beautiful quilt finish! Thelma did a super job moderating the sew along! (and finding time to work on her own quilt)!! She is generous with her time and praise which is important when 'leading' a group of any kind. It's been a pleasure to follow everyones' progress with her narration!

Laura Tawney

Congratulations on finishing and it is such a beautiful quilt! I love the color choices and everything about it. It looks wonderful on you bed:)
Laura T


Beautiful! I love this quilt. If was fun to follow along. You did a fabulous job :-)


Nicole your eventide came out just gorgeous ! I love it! CONGRATULATIONS on finishing this amazing quilt. The sew-along was SO much fun and Thelma was a wonderful host !


Beautiful, you are right. Having others on the same track can really keep one motivated, and having a deadline and accountability definitely keeps me focused on projects. Not to worry, there are many in thw works with no deadlines!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

It's beautiful, Nicole. It still amazes me how fast you can complete a quilt top.


It turned out just beautiful!!! I have a home for it if you don't have room....LOL!


Congrats on the finish, it's perfect. Looks so good on the bed, can't wait to see it quilted!

Deb A

Your Eventide turned out beautiful. I really like the way mine turned out with the Jo Morton fabric, and it's being sent to the quilter now, one more done for 2011! Thanks for your advice during the process. Like you, I don't really have any quilting friends close and don't belong to any groups, so it was nice to talk to someone else about the process.


It's just beautiful!!

Sandie ~call me crazy

Just beautiful! I am so enjoying seeing all these quilts~ and kicking myself that I didn't get the pattern and join y'all! ;-) I agree, sew-alongs are fun! Have a happy day!

Sandy (Strlady)

Yeah!! I love it. Another gorgeous piece to add to your stash. I agree that sew alongs are just the perfect outlet for those that don't have quilters close by that can get together.
Honestly, sometimes I feel closer to my online blogging companions than those quilters i share with face to face. I think it's because we tend to share common interests instead of common location. I hope that I'll be able to join in a sew along in the future. I'll make sure to keep an eye out. In the mean time... I'll enjoy all the eye candy that comes from this one!!

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