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April 06, 2011


nancy, near philadelphia

Well, I'm delighted for you! I began Weight Watchers one year ago and as of last Wednesday am 25.8 pounds lighter. It is a far slower process for me, but I'm sticking with it. And, yes, fruit is the answer! I eat lots and lots of it. Congratulations, girlfriend!


I lost 50 pounds 25 years ago and kept it off. For me, the key was portion control. Congratulations on your great loss!

ps: I'm really really looking forward to your Angler posting...the suspense is killing me, lol.

Barbara Anne

I need to follow the good examples y'all have set. I've been stuck 20lb from my max and 20lb from my goal and 35lb more than my weight thru my 20s, 30s, and most of my 40s. I want my clothes to fit better, too.

Portion control and fruit. So I need to ditch the Bugles and potato chips. I think I can!



I lost 25 pounds last winter and another 25 pounds this winter. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies and drink a lot of water. I have also discovered that fat is slow: if you run, it can't keep up with you.


Good for you! Sounds like a sensible plan and since it's working for you, stick with it. I think I'll give it a try myself. I have the same issue - i want my glass of wine, and my chocolate.

Sandy Rowe

I took a more drastic approach. My doctor had been advising me to loose weight for health reasons. I finally started the "Ideal Protein" diet three weeks ago and have lost 20#, 40 more to go!

Linda B

Hubby and I started our "diet" Nov 28, 2009. Since that date I have lost 85 pounds (15 more to go!), he's lost 82. It's really not so much a diet, more a lifestyle change. No more fried foods, no fatty foods. More fruits & veggies, more fish. Like you we can't give up our wine!

One of the things that has been a HUGE help is our FitBit monitor ( We monitor calories eaten v. calories burned and that's the key. I highly recommend FitBit!


I lost 25 pounds by just cutting out all sodas and all refined sugar products. The first 10 pounds just fell off. It's been over a year since I gave these things up, and I've been amazed at losing two dress sizes. Keep it up. It's got to be good for our health :-)

LeAnn H.

First, you Eventide is gorgeous! It's soft and subtle, but so warm and inviting.
Next, congratulations on the weight loss! It is a difficult thing to do and it sounds like you are doing it in a smart way.
I have lost 40 pounds. It has taken me over three years, but I just keep trucking away at it. Hopefully I can get rid of 40 more over the coming few years. I think slow works for me best because I'm making subtle changes that become a part of my daily life over time, which is why I keep on shedding those pound...ounces at a time.


Congrats on the weight loss!

I've lost 50 pounds...30 of it since Feb. Portion control and more activity is the key. I've cut everything I usually eat in half and never feel deprived. I've also picked up in my activity level. Nice long walks each day with the dog is the norm, but I've also been swimming and now plan to start using the clubhouse's fitness center. I'm in no hurry because I want to keep it off and although I have no goal (except not to gain it back!), I would ultimately like to lose another 50 (however long it takes).


Nicole....ummm.....I think I know where you can find that 22 pounds you lost.....I found them! You know where - move to Southern Louisiana - where eating is a way of life!!!!!

Actually several years ago I lost 50 pounds by counting carbs, but we did move to southern Louisiana and I put on 20 the first year we lived here. Right now, I'm glad I haven't put on more and am trying to loose that 20! Keep up the good work!!!

Christine Thomas

It's not much, but I've lost 15# since November. I only needed to lose 20# to start with. And it's mostly come from not eating much food in the evening. My husband and I have switched up our meals. We try to eat nice breakfasts and lunches and salads with some chicken for dinner. On the weekends we'll eat our big meal at noon and leftovers for dinner. It really came down to portion control and no heavy snacks at all. I'm very happy for you, Nicole. Keep it up.


Congratulations on the weight loss! I think the slower it comes off the more likely you are to keep it off.

paulettte Doyle

Congratulations!! Thanks for the inspiration!!I need to start my diet plan too!!
Well done!


Congrats on the weight loss! I lost almost 50 pounds from having a baby! I gained minimal weight during the pregnancy and I've managed to keep my portion size down after having the baby. Also breastfeeding helps burn 500 calories a day!

Sinta Renee

Your post is encouaging. I have been on the TYT diet (think yourself thin) and it hasn't been working out so well. Six pounds in six weeks. Hmmm. I think it's a perfect time for fruits and veggies. So I'll try that. and water. and more water.
I had once been on the Suzanne Sommers diet (don't laugh) I had lost 30#s, easie peasie... it was all about food combining.


Good for you, Nicole. Sticking to a weight-loss plan is extremely hard but doing things slowly means keeping the pounds off. I like your approach and am going to try it. Wine is not optional, it is definitely on the menu. And why not? It's a fruit isn't it?lol


Congratulations, that's fantastic. Haven't lost any weight but will take your advise and eat more fruit.


Good Job! I started a program through our gym recently and in three weeks have already lost 5 pounds! I meet with a dietitian and a personal trainer each week. Looking at your post, I must say that eating fruit is great, but I have learned recently that it is really whole grains and fiber that will keep you more satisfied. Granted there is fiber in fruit, but sometimes not enough to keep you feeling full enough that you don't stop snacking. Apples are great for me, but I never feel like I've satisfied hunger after I eat one... I have switched to eating multigrain as much as possible: multigrain cheerios (so good!), multigrain english muffins, and I have recently found the fiber wheat thins which I prefer to even the regular wheat thins.
I am definitely a fan of smoothies lately too, get my fruit in the morning while having a tasty drink. I got an immersion blender at Kohls on sale and it is worth its weight in gold!! My favorite is a cup of mango (frozen, but let thaw overnight for best consistency), a 1/4 c orange juice, and 1/4 frozen yogurt. Then I also add in some protein powder for a little extra nutrition.

Keep up the great work, I look forward to the day when I can say I lost 20 lbs too! :)


Really? We must talk further. My husband keeps harping at me about the no fruits because they are carbs. Personally, I feel like doody without fruit so I am taking your post today as permission to tell the hubby to take his protein it if that's what he wants. I'm having an apple.


Congrats on weight loss. Will power and portion control.

Deb A

Congratulations on your weight loss that's quite an accomplishments. Last March I attempted to eat better and exercise and lost 55 lbs. until October. Then with the winter blues and not as much exercise, I've now put 15 lbs. back's hard for me to get motivated to get back to eating better and exercising, and I must because I have a lot more to lose! Love your blog.


Congratulations - slow and steady weight loss has the best success, or so I've always heard. I really like your red and white snowball quilt on your banner now too!


Great job, Nicole, on your weight loss! And your Eventide quilt is beautiful.
Beverly in WA state


Good job on the weight loss. I've cut down on the portions, cut out the diet soda (it really makes you gain weight despite the fact that it is sugar free), started working out with a trainer and have started running again. I'm down about 25 lbs. and still have another 75 to go. My goal, a half marathon in October and a full marathon in February. Its time to gear up and run my 4 miles tonight!

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