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August 04, 2011


Butterfly George

Love the FW blocks so far and how you tamed them with the polka dots.......Haven't had as much time here as my 4 mo old grandson takes more time than I remember mine taking, or is it that I am much slower......hmmm. Can't believe your new E is an international star it! I know it is so hard to share! G

Barbara Anne

What a happy array of interesting quilt blocks you've made. At this rate, you'll be ready to put the quilt center together next week!

You're very thoughtful to step back so Sara's mother can enjoy Eva and time with Sara. From my experience with an out-of-town mother and an AMIL across the street when our sons were born, you could certainly go for a short visit and all would be well. After all, how can you and Sara's mother admire your joint granddaughter if you're not there? AMIL stepped back during my mother's visit, too. After a couple of days, my mother asked where AMIL was so we invited her to come to our house. She was delighted, chose not to stay too long, but felt free to come by during the rest of my mother's visit. It worked out just fine.

Hope your new sewing studio is soon tricked out in all of its new cabinetry, a couple of comfy chairs (one must be a rocking chair), and a stellar air conditioner.



Soon you will have air, but afternoon is a perfect time for ordering your fabric, reading and doing what you have to do in order to sew again the next morning!

I am enjoying your progress.

Sandy (Strlady)

Look at you! At the rate you are going you will be done with the 111 blocks in no time! Gotta love when the sewing goes together so nicely.
I think when I have my first grandbaby I will be that MIL that never leaves. My daughter now lives so far away that I will drop in for just a week and not want to leave... Ever! You are a very considerate Mom to not hoard the baby.
BTW... I don't think E can be any cuter! Hope Sara is aclimating to motherhood easily. I found it challenging that first month while I found my own pace but then, it was smooth sailing. At least she has you to guide her through this new adventure.


I had just read the "Unbroken" review and synopsis last night and put it on my wish list.

Yes, yes--it's good to share the new baby. :) She's adorable!

Diane Linford

Blocks are looking good! I'll put Unbroken on my list - I really enjoyed Sea Biscuit.


Beautiful blocks....I love them all. Hey, while MIL is visiting, you can redo Sara's blocks...just a thought. ;0

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sounds like a great book. I loved SEA BISCUIT.


I just returned that book to the library yesterday. I enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot too!!

Your blocks are really coming along nicely. I love your newest one too.


How nice to have your own studio apart from the house, Nicole! When you're done you can just shut the door and come back the next day like you never left! Sounds like once you get A/C it might be hard to pull you out of there - but, no - I hear Baby Evangeline calling from Grandma already ;>)


What's really impressive is that Laura Hillenbrand is almost incapacitated with CFS. Her story is awful and inspiring at the same time!

Kay Hobby

I also have the Farmer's Wife book but haven't started any, you have inspired me and what great fabrics you have used!! I really need to be two people to get to everything I want to do!!


Love your blocks. Honestly they tempt me so, and I love the Annie's Farm Stand. I know for sure I need more of that wonderful seed pack as well. Yikes.

Love the baby pictures. Send Sara my love xo

Dania Kinney

Don't order any more Marti Michell templates. I have a friend who gave me a bunch of quilting related items and I know there are several of her templates. You can have them! I'll find them today and let you know what series they are. I'll never use them!


Love your blocks :-) sounds like a good book too!


great blocks, I love the fabric you used for your economy block
just fun!
sounds like a book I would like to read too

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