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August 11, 2011


Barbara Anne

Love your new Farmer's Wife blocks! Well done!

Bummer that the Whirlwind block is giving you problems and I hope some wizard will help you along. Your polka-dot rose fabric is beautiful!

Have you had that conversation about the sewing studio's interior with your sweetie? :)


Sherry V.

Do the instructions say whether they are showing the "right" side of the fabric or the "wrong" side of the fabric in the diagrams? That could make mirror images of the piece --- and create the cut on the opposite side.

I have a habit of reversing directions all the time so whenever I come up with a piece to cut like that I have to think it completely through (and then make a note on the template so I don't waste time the next time I cut that piece).


That was a great call Sherry. I am finding the Marti Michell template instructions pretty sparse (they assume a lot of knowledge on the part of the reader). It is totally possible that the fabric was reversed and they didn't mention it. That would totally explain the reversal of the shape.


Those are way cool FW blocks. You are making great progress.


I like your subtle mention of unfinished studio, Nicole! Do you think hubby has read your post yet today? Good luck on understanding the directions - I'm sure you will have lots of help here!


Love the blocks. ;0


Ohhh...thanks for the heads up about the instructions on the MM newsletter. I'm working from that too. Great job on your blocks!

Sue Bennett

What a shame on that block but your squares are looking really good. Love your fabric choice. I signed up to get the PDF's but wont get mine until the first of September.. Looking good.

Suzanne C

Your blocks look fantastic. I am with you, I don't know what week the FWQAL is up to I am just doing them when I do them. I am paper piecing mine and have only done two so far shame, shame!

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