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January 02, 2012



Good to see you back. All the best for a great 2012!


It is good to have you back blogging! It was always a treat to see what you were working on as I sat down at my computer. I am sorry 2011 was tough but am glad that you hung in there and have such a fabulous attitude for the new year.


So glad to see you back, Nicole, and wishing you all good things ins 2012.


Wishing you the greatest of God's blessings in 2012. You have a lot on your plate right now, and you will be in my thoughts as I've been there, done that, so can relate.

Can't wait to see the sewing room updates and finished project! And of course I look forward to seeing all the great projects you dream up.



I can't tell you how great this post is. I really needed these words before I walked out the door. I'm thrilled to read that Ahren (sp?) and Fiancé are coming home in February, too. Hot Dang!!! :) I think this year is starting off quite well. Sending you hugs. *karendianne.


So nice to have you back. I hope your ongoing responsibilities allow you some time to sew as we rely on you for inspiration.

Shelley dionne

Loved the "Move on, know when to quit". It aptly applies to a decision that being weighing on me. Sounds like you'll soon be back in the quilting room!

Butterfly George

So good to see you back even if it is early early am.......!! Insomnia for me here but have been working on my Orca Bay mystery and thinking of all the other quilters out there. Love your new sense of humor and look forward to seeing your new projects. I am so looking forward to a better year as for all surrounding me it has been a good year to say goodbye to and don't come back. Hope 2012 brings health, prosperity and happiness to all. G

Barbara Anne

Amen, sister!! We're glad to see 2011 go, but have some tag-along issues that won't go away yet as I hope and pray they do and SOON!

I'm so glad you're back to play with us and to take time to let your delightfully creative soul fly once more.

Have you thought about getting used cabinetry from Craig's List, the Habitat Restore store, or some local source for your sewing studio? You could refresh those kind of cabinets with paint and it's a good way to economize and be environmentally friendly, too. We've done this, have been quite pleased with the results, and have plans for where to put the old cabinets after the kitchen is remodeled (on a severe budget!).

Looking forward to your hearing your new ideas, to seeing little Eva, and to just chatting!



Sounds like you've had a year similar to mine...too many deaths. I'm ready to be productive in this new year and I'm going to star reaching for some stars that have seemed out of my reach.

simone gyorfi

Dear Nicole,
I missed your quilts, wit and love of life and I am happy to see you again on the web.

Your pages were a true guide for my beginnings in the love of quilting and I owe you very much for it.

I hope things will be better for you and your family this year.

With appreciation and love from Romania,

simone gyorfi

Christine Thomas

Very refreshing to read a nice long, chatty post, Nicole. A new "normal" always makes the old normal look flabby and lazy even though it was probably busy and productive in its own right. It sounds like movin' on is the right thing to do and it sounds like you have some very good things to look forward to. Welcome, indeed, were missed.

I am intrigued by the sewing room and sewing table. I need to redo my room and am at a loss. It doesn't help that it's a small bedroom (converted). Not a lot of options wall-wise. Looking forward to upcoming projects.


I'm so happy you're back. I now can look forward to spending some time with you each morning. Welcome home!


Hi Nicole: Happy New Year and welcome back! You were sorely missed. The sudden halt to the wit and enthusiasm you shared with us daily left a real hole in my blog reading life. I'm looking forward to your messages and project sharing. Here's to a bright 2012. Helen


Nicole it is so good to see you back! You have had a challenging year, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. A new year and new prospects. Looking forward to hearing about your sewing studio and the progress you are making there.


Nicole, so happy to see you are back! My very favorite quilting blog, full of fun and good tips and beautiful quilts, but most of all the spirit of Nicole.


So sorry to hear of the troubling events of 2011, Nicole, but it sounds like you have a good plan for 2012. In fact, you've given me inspiration to pull out all those UFOs I have and REALLY finish them this year. The weight, however, is a problem. It's the 40 pounds that has to go, not the five. Perhaps getting up from the sewing machine, to the cutting table, to the ironing board will help. Looking forward to seeing the progress of the studio and all those quilts you are thinking about.


It seems 2011 was hard on a lot of people--we had our difficulties but you were obviously knocked every which way and sideways. So sorry to hear of your deepest losses, your best friend and MIL. Here's a big ol'wish for sunnier skies in 2012 for you and yours. Glad you had some newborn toes to count and baby giggles to enjoy.


Life can certainly get in the way of things sometimes. But you have the right attitude, you have just 'give' sometimes and then let it go. My cutting table is an old door which is covered with batting and then canvas. Then I can press on it (when I can see it) and below I have four sections of wire bins on wheels and that holds all my fabrics. When I have no more room, I have to sew instead of shop. Welcome to 2012!


Loved the Move On photo. I don't like to wish my life away, but 2011 couldn't end soon enough. Let's hope for a better new year. Best Wishes to you and your family.


I'm glad to see that you are looking at the bright side and being positive, something I need to take a lesson from. Retirement sure didn't turn out for me like I wanted it to so I will attempt to "let it go!"

Here's to a better, more productive and less eventful new year for us both!!!


Yes, along with so many others, we are glad for you that 2011 has now left. The new year will doubtless be much better! I'm glad to see you here again today! Continued love, hugs, and prayers for you and your family.


Oh my goodness, but you have been missed! It is not easy bouncing back from our losses and changes to our lives, and I'm hoping that your "new normal" is something you can adjust to happily. May you find many new quilting projects to bring you joy and some creative "alone" time....and of course, lots of time with Evangeline and her mommy!


It is good to have you back. I always feel like some of life's misfortunes are the fruits of living to a certain age. Others are too shocking - like losing a best friend. I hope your husband is okay now. The good things in your year are pretty great with that new baby and a happy son. I hope you get a fun trip to Ireland out of his relocation! Unlike you, I am sort of dreading 2012 and I don't know why. 2011 wasn't anything special so I should adopt a more optimistic attitude.

quiltmom anna

Wishing you a wonderful 2012 Nicole- It is nice to see you back blogging- I will look forward to seeing your beautiful quilt and reading about stories of Evangelina and your children.
So sorry to hear of your losses- you have my sincere condolences in the passing of two special people.
Warmest regards,

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