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January 03, 2012



Love, love, LOVE blue & white, especially blue & white transferware dishes! Thanks for sharing!


Hi! I've mostly always been a lurker, but it's good to have you posting again. The dishes are pretty, as is that quilt!


I love your 'blue' decorating for January. I also love the look of a red flower when I use my blue and white pieces - just pops.

We cooked our black-eyed peas in the crock pot this year - why did we not know about this long before now? So,so good and next time I will try them with your seasonings. Thanks for all you give - Judy C


Mmmm that recipe is tempting me to ask my daughter to let me borrow my slow cooker back! Maybe if I invite her home for some too and some luck wouldn't hurt.
I've always strived towards the less is more look, though raising 4 girls never did help and these days with one of my girls and her little family living with me along with my youngest I still haven't achieved that look.
One of my weaknesses though is dishware and I've had a lot of luck and fun finding cool dishes in the thrift shops..
Nicole it is so nice to see you have been missed!!!


Hi Nicole, so lovely to have you back blogging and sharing your life with us. You've inspired me to take the Christmas decor down tomorrow - I don't have clutter (except in my sewing room)but might change the couch pillows to make a brighten things up a bit.
I'll also give your recipe a go as I have some left over ham I need to use up.


Hmmm, looks delicious. Quick the bacon cooked or put on the slow cooker uncooked?


The bacon is uncooked when you add it to the slow cooker. I wondered how it would be also, but after 6 hours of cooking, it was just fine. Not crisp, but definitely "done".

Butterfly George

MMmmm those beans sound so good! I do lots of crock pot meals this time of year so I am going to try yours. Very time saving for more sewing lol. I am liking blue more as I get older because it is so soothing. Looks lovely on the table too. Enjoy! G

Barbara Anne

What lovely blue and white dishes, goblet, and glorious quilt! I, too, love red but have found my decorating colors seem to now be shades of red, green, blue, and cream with blues taking center stage in the winter and spring.

I'll be sure to make that recipe as it looks delicious!

It is such a delight to find you "at home" in the mornings again!!



Nicole, so good to have you back. I missed you.


Ozzie!!! There's the boy!!! Now THAT is a happy New Year pix I really enjoy seeing!!! Give him a pat from one of his blog fans, ok?!!!
...oh, yeah...nice dishes and recipe, too.

Sherry V.

I am SO glad to see you posting again!!

I hope that 2012 brings you much better times than 2011 did and that your "new" normal is full of satisfaction and content.

The blue & white dishes are so pretty. They wouldn't work in my home; but perhaps I can find green & white in my travels for my kitchen.

Happy New Year


I have always had a fondness for blue and white as well. Perhaps it is my love of Delftware from the Netherlands. I am so glad you are back at blogging I enjoy reading your posts. Happy New Year


The blue is very pretty. I'm sorry to hear of the sadness that's come to pass in 2011.

The black-eyed peas look good! I wonder if this recipe would work with another type of bean? Navy beans? Pinto? I may have to dig out the crockpot and try it! I don't know if my family would eat the black-eyed peas. I have to mash and mask them for New Year's day to get any one to eat them!

Sandy (Strlady)

Love the finds you always get at Marshals. I typically hate going in thier because I don't do well with clutter but I dropped in the other day looking for some items for a gift bag and noticed the kitchen area overflowing with All Clad pans and Le Crueset dutch ovens! I was ready to buy up the lot but my sister stopped me and said I had to FOCUS! LOL!
I will defintely be stopping by more often.

I also had Black Eyed Peas this year. My sister made some dip from a recipe over at Pioneer Woman. It was actually really good. I'm not a huge chips and dip person but I was tempted to seconds on this occasion.

Anyway, Nice to see you decorating!


Ozzie!!!!! I have wondered how he and Sophie have been doing. My mom gave me her Liberty Blue dishes and I love them. Mix them with my red Johnson Brothers from TJMaxx and they look great for the Fourth. I also have some of her blue willow that she didn't want anymore that I was going to sell at a garage sale that didn't that I still have that I could pass on to someone........


Those beans look so good! Good to have you back.


What a wonderful way to freshen up the New Year, Nicole! Looks like Ozzie is waiting for someone to play with, too! Love this recipe, too!


I have that Johnson Bros Blue Willow dinner set which I bought for $20 before I was married - dare I say - 20 plus years ago. I priced a side plate at the department store last year (to replace a broken one). $23 -yep, more than I paid for the whole service. You got a good bargain.


Thanks so much for the crock pot recipe. My husband's relatives are from New Orleans and it's such a pain in the "b..." to may them the old-fashioned way. Your recipe is excellent and takes away all the pressure. They will never know the difference. Bless you!


We have missed you! It is so wonderful to read your posts again!

Karen Shackleford

Welcome back to blogging land, Nicole. So sorry to read of your losses and other difficulties in 2011. May 2012 be much better for you!


Oh Nicole, I have missed you! Here's to a better 2012 for us both - I was glad to slam the 2011 door and it sounds like besides the birth of your granddaughter, 2011 is a year you're glad to bid farewell!

Happy New Year - looking forward to seeing what you quilt up this year!

Carol D.

I'm glad you are back to blogging and hope you have a wonderful new year in store. I am a lover of china as well. It's just so hard to resist! Your quilt is beautiful as is your table setting. Can't wait to try the recipe. I'm also going to make the rounds to Marshalls etc.

Bari Jo

I was just remembering a friend of ours when I was a child who made black eyed peas every New Years and now here is your recipe! It looks wonderful and I can't wait to try it! So happy to see you back! :o) Ozzie looks cute looking out the window! Can't wait to see more pics of your beautiful grandbaby, too! I'm sorry things have been so difficult last year and pray for a peaceful new year for you.

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