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February 07, 2012



I love these! I'm on a bag kick right now, so thanks for the information about the tutorial :-)


What a wonderful bag...I'm so zipper phobic but that looks like a tutorial that I might be able to do...LOL! Thanks for sharing.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Where's mine? :-)


I will definitely be checking out the tutorial. I too love pouches

Barbara Anne

Love 'em!!! What a world of potential uses and of fabric possibilities, too. Thanks for the link to the tutorial!!

How perfectly wonderful that Ahren and Mary Ann are with you!!!!

Glad you're having fun sewing again and I hope your sewing studio is taking shape.



You do such beautiful work. I have never been very good at zipper, even on clothes. But I love the look of these.

I linked a post from your site to mine this week. I'd love for you to see what I did based with an idea you shared.

Helen in Switzerland

Gorgeous! Thank for the tip!


I love them! You find the cutest things. I now have a long list of possible gift goodies that I've found through you. Thanks!

Jan are so right...another addictive bag to mass produce!! I'm gonna' put one together today!! ...and, then another one...
You must be so happy with A & MA around! Enjoy the visit!


Very pretty!! Thanks for the link.

Christine Thomas

This is definitely our "ole" Nicole back blogging. You have come up with such a neat little project...where on earth do you find these other blogs? They're great. I remember when you fell in love with other zippered pouches...these boxy ones are really wonderful and so versatile. Thanks for doing half my homework for me... :)


Those are way cool. There are never enough bags of that size for cosmetics and toiletries when traveling. I'll have to go and check that out! Thanks for the idea! I see some Christmas gifts in the making....


Very cute. I've made these slightly larger to use for my sock knitting projects. Instead of a tab at both ends I put a handle from one side of the end to the other side of the same end (not sure that makes sense...)


lol, I'm guessing the strawberry one is for Ahren. ;p

Archie the wonder dog

I love these - thanks for the link!


Oh yum! I definitely need to make some of these, they're adorable.
Thank you for sharing, and be sure to have a great week


Really cute, I'll bet it's hard to make just one! I'm devoting this winter to working on my "bag making techniques", this will definitely be one of my projects - thanks for your post!


Mary on Lake Pulaski

Love those boxy bags Nicole. I think I have everything here to make some except the interfacing. I now have another project on my list.

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