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February 15, 2012


Karen L.

I just read on the Open Gate Quilts blog that Monique has a new book coming out - Traditional Fat Quarter Quilts. Looks like plenty of inspiration there!
Karen L.

Nancy Watkins

Hope you get your mojo back and soon! I have been there before and it is troublesome. I just browsed through my Kim Diehl books last weekend and once you do that, you'll be ready to go! Oh, and I have a feeling the arrival of your cabinets will do the trick too. Have a good day Nicole!

Kath Kershaw

Hi Nicole.
I to am feeling a little sluggish I have things to do but it seems a bit of an effort at the moment.Perhaps we are waiting for spring and brighter days.I have been spending time with my sister clothes shopping for her trip to Buckingham Palace she will recieve the MBE from prince Charles so we have glammed her up good and proper!. We are then off to see Barry Manilow in concert can'nt wait for that, not everyones cup of tea but I love him.Might just go and have a tidy up in my sewing room and play some music see what happens.Hope you get with it soon.
Kath in England(the sun has just peeped out)



Not to worry dear friend, you've still "got it". You made me laugh and always make my day. Thanks.

Deb A

It must be something going around because I've been exactly the same way for several months now. I've been quilting since 1999, devoted/addicted, not sure what to call it, but in the past I would quilt rather than clean, cook, or pretty much anything else. Been in a slump for several months now...can't get inspired. Doesn't matter if I look at new fabric lines, magazines, patterns, etc. it's just not there. Not sure if I got overwhelmed because I was working on 5 BOM projects all at the same time and I got behind, or if it's something else....wishing those old feelings would return.


Ah Nicole, I feel for you because I went through exactly the same thing last year. All my stuff packed up from May to December. Hubby and I both losing our moms within 6 was hard to get enthused about anything let alone sewing and quilting. I just know once you get your "space" back that your mind will be spinning and you won't know what to make first. In the mean time, spend some time on Pinterest or blogs to keep the inspiration...make a "bucket list" of things you want to do...and don't forget to blog. You keep me inspired!


I have a suggestion: Pinterest! Do a search on quilts or quilt blocks. If you really want to torture yourself, search on "brownies" or "cupcakes" - LOL. Warning though, it can be a real time suck. So do it now, before the cabinets arrive and the unpacking and organizing begins.


Nichole I think that you've had so much on your plate in the last year and changes as well that it's understandable that you are feeling like you are...
I don't know what it's like there but here many people suffer with SAD..which is basically people who can become depressed due to the lack of day light. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself..get out in the sunshine for a walk and spend time with positive people and let yourself get the rest your body is telling you it needs!
It sounds like you will soon be back in your quilting groove with a new studio to boot! One day at a time.. try to find something great in the journey :)


Oh I know what you are going through! I have just started this process of moving and will not be finished with it until next year at this time (maybe longer). All my fabric - in 16 boxes, in a storage unit. I did take all my scraps along with me however (3 large totes) and plan to make many scrap quilts in the coming year. Finding room to spread out in our very small apartment will be the issue. :( Hang in there Nichole - you are almost home!
Marsha S.


Not to worry your quilting groove will come back as soon as you are surround by all your quilting goodness

Jayne Honnold

I can sympathize with what you are going through. Sending you happy creative vibes to get you out of your funk. Those new cabinets will work wonders! Can't wait to see pics!


I think part of your trouble is also this time of year, I get a little down in January and February myself. Listen to some music, maybe that will perk you up until March and your cabinets come!


Do you do Pinterest? Go out there and there is no lack of inspiration! Hang in there - think of the fun you will have opening your treasueres. And I'll bet you find some you forgot that you had. It will be like Christmas all over again.

Mary Kastner

You've had a lot of changes in your life in the past year. Give yourself a break and time. Once those boxes are busted open, things will click and you'll be feeling a lot better - I promise!

Best Wishes,

Denise Downey

I think we all have our uninspired moments from time to time. I absolutely love making my own soap, and made quite a lot of it, but haven't made any in about 5 years. Can't tell you why, but it just hasn't happened. I'm just now starting to get back into it again and it feels pretty good.
I hope you'll take some time and get some rest and be able to relax and 'catch your breath'. I know your inspiration will come back, all fresh and new!
Take care. :)


Sounds like you have a mild depression. I get that once in a while. This time of year is especially hard for that - weather, post-holiday let-downs, etc. Perhaps some fun books until your studio is done? Take care.


If you are this close to having your studio up and running, now might be a good time to pick up a new book or magazine and begin to plan your first "new studio quilt." You don't want to be without a new idea when you are all set up, do you?

Barbara Anne

Bless your heart, my friend! I do imagine your doldrums are like the letdown that follows Christmas excitement. In fact, when you think of it you had the delirious joy of the kids coming from Ireland, coupled with Christmas Pt. Deux with them, followed all too soon by their departure. Mix in with that all of the meals, laughs, fun, photos, conversations, and hugs that are now over and done. That unwelcome blah feeling with some fatigue is completely normal. Not fun, but normal, and it won't last long either.

The joy that is ahead in getting your sewing studio installed and unpacked will certainly get your motor running!

Meanwhile, do you have the Nancy J. Martin books "Make Room for Quilts" or "Make Room for Christmas Quilts" or "Decorate with Quilts and Collections"? If you don't, perhaps they're at the library. Those are my go-to books for inspiration. Heck, perhaps you should unpack ONE box of quilting books that are already your friends?

Hang in there! You'll soon be knee deep in fabric, cranking out incredibly wonderful quilts at your usual lightening speed.



It's OK to feel this way. I'm sure you'll find inspiration and when you are ready you'll be a machine!!

Wendy T.

Hang in there and just let it be. You have been through a great deal in recent months both good and bad and it all takes a toll. Some times all you can do is "recharge". You have a plan in place for moving forward with the studio and for now that is what you can do. The wheels are in motion and before you know it you will be back to creating those masterpieces we all love to see!


The comments above pretty much say it all! You've had a chaotic year with so many emotions bumping into one another! That new studio will inspire you and you'll be off and sewing once again! Be good to yourself!


I agree with Jan, that the above comments pretty much say it all! I just want to add my own encouragement and cheer-leader chants. Rah Rah Rah, Sis Boom Bah! You can make it through this too! :) Once your cabinets arrive and you can set up your studio you will have your old Mojo back!


It's hard to get inspired when you have to constantly dig for stuff. And your life isn't your own.. but things will work out. xo


Gosh Nicole, I would say with all the major life changes you've had in the past 8 months, you deserve to feel the way you do! How about a good walk every day - I know from personal experience that walking (or any kind of exercise) releases endorphins into your brain and peps you up! I'm also pretty sure that once your cabinets arrive you'll forget all about how you're feeling and have an urge to open the boxes and put everything into it's new studio! You can always count on those of us out in blog land to try to cheer you up!
Take Care!


Oh...I know you will get your creative mojo are too amazing of a quilter for it not to come back. The arrival of the studio cabinetry will surely help...and unpacking everything will as well. I'll be you don't even get everything unpacked before you are sewing again!

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