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April 30, 2012


Mary Kastner

Hi Nicole,

As much as I hate to say this (because I love seeing Eva growing up) and I share your "it's just the best thing in my life" attitude, why risk it? I could just be paranoid but protecting my granddaughters is on the top of my list and there are crazies out there lurking. It would be a loss for all of us "followers" but IMHO, one less thing for you to worry about when you are posting.
Best Wishes,


I think that hundreds of thousands of mommie bloggers post pics of their kids and have we heard of anyone using those pictures to show up at someone's house? I think this is too much worry over something that in all probability will never happen.

Now, this is selfish on my part. I think she's an adorable baby, I want to hear about her and I hope you won't stop posting about her.

The fact is, most baby abductions and horrible things like that are done by people we know. It's more likely that one of your sisters will kidnap her than it is some random person who sees your blog. My opinion is, don't fret about this.

Susan McGirr

While you have removed the post from your blog, the post with pictures still shows up in Google Reader - just so you know. I don't think you need to worry about stalkers. I read over 100 blogs - many of whom post pictures of the family - and I've not heard of anyone having a problem. Anyone randomly accessing your blog directly will never see the post after it is removed. You can most probably assume anyone with you in their Google Reader is a fan and wishes you no harm. Just my thoughts, but do what makes you comfortable.

Bari Jo

Oh wow - that really is a great question.... and I can totally see what you are saying. My boys are almost grown now and I don't have sweet grand babies yet like you do... it really made me stop and think... I think you are one wise grandma to ponder this. I would love to know what your readers say also so I can tuck it away for the future. I don't have a Facebook page or a blog but maybe someday. Thank you for the food for thought today for sure! I really enjoy seeing the sweet pictures and hearing about all of the sweetness with the quilting news yet I would totally understand if you decided not to post them either. We would miss seeing her for sure but the mom and future grandma in me would totally understand for sure!

Sherry V.

I probably come at this question from a very different perspective. I used to be very open on my blog. . .but then found out that someone from DH's past was using that information for their own purposes. Based on that I have gotten extremely careful about what I post.

I may post pictures of Casey (our dog) but when it comes to pictures of the family I try not to do it.

I haven't heard too many issues with stalkers but have seen on the news in the past about people "lifting" pictures for use in advertising and that kind of thing without giving recompense or asking permission of the owner of the photo. I would think that to be a more worrisome issue than any other.

Of course, having said that I still would not put real names together with pictures --- in this day & age you just don't know.

And that is the thing that is sad about this wonderful technology and way of making friends.


This is definitely a dilemma. How much is just enough, and how much is too much? Like Sherry said above, it is the sad thing about this wonderful technology that we have today. If there's a "bad apple" out there that misuses information, then it ruins it for everyone. I try to use some defensive thinking in my blog, as well.

I for one think that your plan of one day photos is a pretty smart compromise.


I have two little ones (7 and 1) and I am very uncomfortable posting their pictures on the internet. We don't live near family, and they, of course, want to see pictures. As a way to keep everyone happy and safe, I have a private blog that is just for family and close friends. I also have a public blog with my crafty pursuits, since the grandpas and uncles are less than interested in these things.
I think it is better to be safe than sorry.


I think you should defer to the wishes of your sister... in general I think it's okay to post photos of your kids or kids you know with permission of their parents -- but it makes me a little nuts when people post pictures of random kids they've seen on the street just because they're cute or quirky!


I started a blog in February and I have been very careful about indicating where I live and other information that is personal. I don't know how much the whole thing works with regards to stuff still 'out there' when you have deleted it but I would err on the side of caution. I know that I was reading a blog at one time and could figure out exactly the town the woman lived in by things she had posted and places she had visited. I commented on it and she immediately took those posts off. I wasn't trying to scare her but I was pretty sure we had a mutual friend. So, I think you can share some things but honestly, do we need to know it all? I would miss pictures of that darling little girl, but I would totally understand.

Kathy L

I am so against it. Your granddaughter is beautiful and I love seeing her, but unfortunately there are preditors. Right now in Tucson we are seaching for the 6-year-old. She was not stolen by someone with good intentions. Please be certain that her bedroom window will not be entered from the outside. We all have to be certain that our grandchildren are protected even in safe neighborhoods.
Kathy in Tucson


I had a fellow quilter tell me once that wasn't it paranoia to think that a child is going to get kidnapped, that how likely could it happen? The following week someone tried to abduct two children from the very soccer field where my son had been playing at the morning before. This was only two years ago, right here in the Bay Area. So, weird stuff does happen and I'd rather be paranoid than sorry. I love seeing the pictures, but understand taking them down. Why take the chance?

Grandma Goose

A little late with this comment on use of spray adhesive for quilts: An experienced quilter said she sprays only the batting with 505, not the fabric face (top) and backing.

Thank you for the heads up on the spray basting and other tutorials.


I am always cautious of what I don't see my kids faces in pics.......don't post details.........the only people that you "know" who read are those who comment and I can tell I have heaps more hits then never know...........if you decide to keep posting you need to check with the parents that they are happy with it.
I would be very cross if my family posted pics of my kids without me knowing............they can make there own decision once adults.........
It's a hard decision to make.......goodluck..........


That's a really good topic. It's all personal preference of course, but it may not be the preference of the people who get their pictures posted.

I tend to edit my blog for privacy. For example, sometimes I do a little photoshop work to blur people's faces, and I shuffle license plate numbers a bit. Location privacy may be important to some people and you never know who might not want to be identified at a certain place/time.

There was a famous case in Germany when a newspaper posted a red-light-camera photo of a couple kissing in their car. Everybody thought it was a cute picture... except for the guy's wife who noticed that wasn't her whom her husband was kissing. Um, yeah...

I have a firm rule about not posting ANYTHING about work. I have no work photos at all, no specific references to my job, no photos taken from anywhere around the building, and certainly no photos taken in the office. In all honesty, I'm trying to protect myself from getting my a** sued by a very large, and very rich corporation.

Also, (and I'm getting to the point here :) I don't like to post specific things about my family. My fiancee is "my awesomer half" and she isn't named. She only appears in a few restaurant photos, where you can see her hands across the table. No faces, no photos of moms, dads, brothers, etc.

While including more detail about one's life is definitely interesting for the readers, there is a very big privacy issue for me. Things you put on the Internet can get archived. Your words and pictures can last for years. Hell, stuff I posted in the 90's is *still* up there on a few people's web page guest-books.

Anyway, my personal preference is to remain anonymous. I'm a dude who works for a computer company and moved to Ireland to be with a really amazing lady. You know, I'm just this guy. I have a mom who quilts and I'm part of a great family. However I like to keep my cards close to the table.


Nicole, I think Ahren said it all regarding privacy issues. I love, love love seeing Baby Eva and I would never have found those wonderful socks for baby what cost to you and your family? You are very generous to share the fun you have with your family and pets but it would be understandable if you just stuck to quilty subjects. Your writing and sewing skills are amazing and would certainly be enough to keep us coming back to check in with you each day! Do what's best for you & your's and I'll be here to see your latest sewing creations!


I have older grandchildren who have facebook pages and I feel they reveal way too much information about themselves. I also have a young granddaughter and when she was born, my son-in-law requested "no photos anywhere on the internet". It is hard when you want to show them at birthdays and holidays, but I think he is right. You never know in this day and age, just watch the news and the special programs about men traveling across states to meet with young girls they met on the internet. Very frightening indeed. It might be paranoid but I prefer safe.

Sheryl W

I also don't post pictures that have faces, etc. It's a shame as my kids are basically my life but I was once reading a blog and realized that I had not only seen this woman's kids, I'd seen them in their school uniform (with school emblem) and her street. All in different posts but if I was someone creepy than that information could all add up. Better to be safe than sorry!


I'd prefer to not have pictures posted or her full first name used.


You have a great many post grand kids. For me t try me best to keep the blog quilt related but now and then share a bit more...and I do wonder. You just dont know about today's world and freaks! Better to be safe I say.


I agree with your sister as much as seeing that little smiling face. There are some scary people out there.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I missed seeing the photos and am not sure yet how I feel about including the photos of children. I rarely include photos of people, never include last names, addresses etc. so I'm not sure what how it can be a problem, but agree better safe than sorry. It is definitely a subject to think about and I will.


Nicole, if anyone in your family is uneasy about it then don't do it. I love seeing her pictures and i love hearing about her growth. You could create a facebook page for Sister's Choice and allow only your regular blog readers access. That might be too much trouble. I vote no on the pics but YES on the stories and updates. ;p

Frances from England

I love seeing pics of your granddaughter - she is such a happy little thing! - but sadly I would agree that if it makes the family uncomfortable I would think twice.
What does her mother think? I believe that people are overly paranoid these days - the reason that we hear about these abductions, etc. is precisely because they are rare - but having said that I would certainly avoid giving out identifying info re schooling (when she gets there!) or other activity groups where she is left in the care of non-family. I would also give her a codename - one blog I read refers to the blogger's daughters as 'Sweetness' and 'Light' which I've always thought was smart.
There has to be a middle road (unless her mother is against it, in which case the mother's word rules IMHO). I like the idea of the restricted timeframe for the photos, but I would also do the above-mentioned safety measures.

Barbara Anne

Sadly, better safe, than sorry. I like the idea of giving code names and the love and charm in the names "Sweetness" and "Light" must delight those daughters, too!

Love the BOM and kudos for getting in finished!



I think with all the Facebook pictures out one is going to spend time to find blogs with I wouldn't worry about it....

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