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April 23, 2012


Helen in Switzerland

Oh nooooo! Hope you're feeling much. much better soon Nicole. Please send us some of your unbearable heat - we could really do with a little warmth here in Switzerland! LOVE the eyeglass cases - the fabric is gorgeous. How cute are they?!!

Barbara Anne

Awwwwwwwwww! So sorry to hear you're under the weather and feeling so rotten. Bummer! Hope you're soon on the mend.

Well done on your basket blocks. It's no fun to push yourself to be creative when you feel crummy and I imagine the muddy fabric colors weren't any help.

Love the zippy cases and the fabrics you chose for them. Too cute!

We had the most glorious rainy Sunday here and today's high is forecast to be 59*F. Weird!

Healing hugs!


If any of your readers are timid about trying the little eyeglass cases because of the zippers...I'm here to say your tutorial makes it fun & easy! It's a method that works on any size bag so give it a try! (Ask me how I know)! So sorry to hear you're under-the-weather! Funny how we don't bounce back as quickly as the little ones, isn't it??


I'm sorry to hear you have contracted that funky virus. Hope you're on the mend soon and back to being your fun self! LOL about Ahren wanting a camo eyeglass case! Why not have matching little bags in every size and shape? Next you'll have to make him the "zippy strippy" one in each size......oops, hope I didn't give him an idea.


Feel better soon, Nicole! I love your BOM Rehab blocks - especially the colors! I even managed to make a couple of your eyeglass cases - how fun are they!


OOh, I came down with the flu or food poisoning Saturday night and spent yesterday wishing I could die. You are indeed ambitious to get up and sew! I'm feeling better today, but still don't want to do anything.

I hope you feel better quickly! (It feels good to be on the mend).

Robin Chapa

Get well soon! Eek..... seems like we are having a late flu season. I'm in SoCal, but still.... I just hope you feel better....


How 'bout an eyeglasses tutorial for those of us that are not "intuitive" zipper-pouch sewers? I would LOVE to make these for many people, but fear that my sewing skills are akin to my kitchen skills-- without a recipe, I'm hopeless.


Robin Chapa

PS-- I should add that the zipper tutorial you have already shared is AWESOME!!! I was talking more about measurments for the eyeglass case and exactly what type of batting/interfacing you used?

Thanks :)

Feel better!

Christine Thomas

Dang, it's spring and no one should be getting sick anymore. Hope you're well on the road to recovery by the end of today.
And FYI, I find zippers in the oddest places. One time I bought a bunch of nice pencil zipper pouches at Staples or Target that had 2 zipper compartments. I bought these pouches just for the zippers. Usually cheaper than buying zippers at JoAnn's or Hancocks. And they're usually on the shorter side for cosmetic bags or eyeglass cases.


Those are cute eyeglass bags. The smaller one might work for those magnetic sunglasses the "clip" onto regular glasses. Those things are so easily bent up, but the cases that store your glasses are too bulky to carry around in a smaller purse.


That's one of the BOM projects I need to finish. I agree, the colors are not quite stellar but maybe once it's put together it will all make sense. Right now I'd just love to do sewing of any type! I am going over this week to quilt a project on her long arm machine so at least I'll get my quilt "fix" there! Get well!!!!!


So sorry you are feeling bad. It must be bad if you can't even enjoy sitting and sewing for any length of time. Get better soon!

On another note - I was super excited to find the complete 2008 Designer Mystery BOM on eBay this past week and I won the auction! I am probably going to get started on it after my other 6 in process quilts are done ... lol. I loved seeing the blocks you had started, and I never thought I would come across the kit myself Too, too excited!!


I think it is so cool that your grown son likes and requests hand made things from you! Hope you feel better soon. I HATE being sick...I HATE IT! ;p


Bless you and hope you feel better soon! Love the eyeglass cases!


Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Maybe zinc and vitamin C? Mixed with lemon & whiskey? (grin)

Bari Jo

Thank you for the great tutorial! I really appreciate it! I bought some zippers to go with some fun fabric I had and can't wait to dive in! Thanks! Hope you feel better very quickly and that your visit with Grandpa was a good one this weekend! :O)


Well wished to you!


That was supposed to say wishes:)


Love the eyeglass cases. The narrow one with the half daisies resembles eyes with long eye lashes, LOL. Get well soon!


Glad you are feeling better and that you got your blocks done. Progress is great! Love the cases - particularly the half daisy one, it looks like glasses peeking at you.

Dianne Mitzel

This virus struck me Sat. night, just suddenly, fever, congestion, sore throat, feeling awful..I am on the 3rd day, this is enough..lots of lost sewing time..your eyeglass cases and bags are wonderful. I will read your tutorial on zippers. Hope we both get relief from this mess soon. I was told to take Mussinex, loradadine, and Advil and Tylenol, alternately. They aren't treating until you've had it over a week, and you aren't getting better. Good luck to you!


Hope you are feeling better by now Nicole! I was wondering if you were going to get a chance to join in the Rehab! Not only did you make blocks for SS BOM but you whipped out a flock of eyeglass cases and more! You are on a roll! I have that fabric and love it. Can't cut into it yet though!


Where did you get the fabrics in the top block? I love them.

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