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April 24, 2012



In one of my "other lives" I worked retail nursery. I've never heard of Thriller, Filler, Spiller. However, I sure wish I had!!!! So easy to remember and it's just what you need.

Barbara Anne

I've never heard of "Thriller, Filler, Spiller" either and love this idea and the look! I have two big pots on our front porch that need this treatment and soon.

Cute zippy bag and those yo-yos are the perfect accent for that fabric!

Wishing you WELL!



THe pot looks beautiful...put in some movies. that's what i do when i feel too crumby to sew and too sick to read. ;p

Debbie R.

Nicole, Hope you're feeling better very soon. Your zippy bags -- all of them -- are terrific!

Nancy G.

Feel better soon! Am loving your little bags and your tutorial is the best. Have ordered some zippers and patterns to get started on some too.


Your flower pot is very pretty! I also try to think texture when putting flowers together. Try to find leaves that are different sizes or textures to add interest to your pots.

Herbs are good for this and also ornamental grasses. Sages, thyme or golden oregano is pretty tucked in with flowers.

Hope you're feeling well soon!

Mary Flynn

Sending get well wishes...I had a quick catch up here today.


Your flowers & plants look beautiful! We have a few weeks to go before we can put anything outside but it's nice to look at your's! Feel better soon!

Joan S.

Love your pot and your bags! Sure hope you feel better soon, Nicole!!


I never knew there was a term for it but it's how I pick plants for my containers. Hope you feel better soon


Love your little yoyo embellishment.

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Who hasn't heard of thriller, spiller, filler? It's usually right on. Ya done good with your flower pots girl.


Fun catching up with what's been going on with you lately, Nicole. I love how you decided to finish off Winding Ways...and so glad you received lots of cards for Grandpa Larry. Hope he enjoys reading - I sure enjoyed the thought of tons of cards, including one from me, cheering him (and you) up and brightening the day. Your little bags are cute, cute, cute!

Sharon Yeager

Glad I stopped by in time to see your adorable planter filled. Love your saying. It makes sense.
Cute zipper bags. They are so much fun to make aren't they?? And expensive to buy.

Kathy L

You so inspire me. I love the fabrics.

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