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April 11, 2012



I will be thinking about you all. It is so hard to know the right thing to do when it comes to an injury. I think older people are used to 'bucking it up' and not complaining so it is hard to tell when they are seriously hurt or not. And even with younger people... a friend of my son's played half a basketball game in high school with a stress fracture in his foot. Good luck with surgery and recovery.

Barbara Anne

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear it's a broken femur. Grandpa was right - he couldn't walk. Wishing him well in surgery and recovery. Bummer to the max!

A childhood friend's father was a surgeon and when her little sister fell and complained her leg hurt, he told her she was fine. It was 3 days before her mother took the little girl to her pediatrician because it still hurt. Yep, it was broken and her Daddy had a lot of explaining to do!

The danger in being tough and carrying on despite a broken bone is that the bone can get out of alignment and then there is a lot of bother and pain getting it back in alignment before it starts to heal. BTW, normally, a broken bone doesn't start to heal for 10 days and that information is from an orthopedic surgeon.

You have time to unpack for Grandpa and even plant some flower or veggie seeds so he'll have flowers or veggies to enjoy when he finally comes home.

Wishing each of you well!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Oh, Nicole, what a sad story! Feeling so sorry for Grandpa...


Oh dear. Poor grandpa! Wish him well, and I hope he heals quickly. Meanwhile, I guess you get to unpack!

Helen in Switzerland

Oh No! Please wish grandpa a speedy recovery. Actually a broken bone will heal better than if he's done something horrible to his ligaments - if he's in a skilled nursing centre he'll get great care and all the physio he needs, so I'm sure he's in good hands!

Archie the wonder dog

I hope he gets better soon x

Wendy T.

I am sorry to hear what happened to Grandpa and your family. So tough when things don't go smoothly for our loved ones. Hang in there!


wishing grampa well with the surgery and hope his recovery goes easy on the poor fellow (and you too!)


Oh no! I am so sorry!! I hope everything goes well and he recovers quickly!!


What a shock that diagnosis turned out to be! I'm sorry to hear your father-in-law isn't going to be in his new home for awhile longer. Skilled nursing living will be good for getting him back up and in shape with physical therapy, though. It's always something, isn't it?


Best wishes to all of you. Caring for elderly parents is unpredictable, but it is a blessing to be able to do it.


oh, Nicole...when it rains, it pours. Wishing all of you the very best.


Oh dear! That kind of a break is nothing to sneeze at.... my son as a toddler broke his femur and had to have a pin put in and then in traction, and then a spika cast for 8 weeks. Yikes! Hope Grandpa does well and like someone else said, he'll get the specialized care that he needs in the skilled nursing facility. Hugs to you!


So sorry for Grampa. I'm hoping his surgery goes well and he is able to get into his new home soon. Guess this means you'll be doing more unpacking.

Debbie R.

So sorry to hear about Grandpa. That's a real set-back for you all -- another of life's curve balls. I hope the surgery goes well, and that he heals well. And through it all, may you all keep a sense of humour!


I am so sorry to hear this news, just goes to show no matter how careful one can be, crap happens. Here's to a speedy recovery! Maybe going home to that porch on the golf course will be a big motivator for him!

Lisa D.

I was one of those kids whose mom told me to quit whining after my older brother tackled me during a football game. Days later she took me in and my arm was broken in 2 places.

I hope Grandpa has an easy recovery. Poor guy!

Kay Mc

How sad for grandpa & all of you. I'll pray for a speedy recovery for him.


Nicole, I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugs...


Oh, Nicole, I am so sorry about Gramps!!!!! Hugs to you all!!


That is very bad luck! Poor man! and poor you!


Sad news! Grandpa sound like he is made of pretty "tuff stuff" to have been able to go so long undiagnosed. Wishing him a speedy recovery.


Hope all goes well with Grandpa and he is in his new home very soon. I really admire you for doing all of this for him. He seems like a pretty cool dude!!


Oh Crikey! Surgery??!! That just sucks! Poor guy. I'm glad he is going into a rehab place. You can ruin your own back and neck trying to move other people.

Take some pics of his cottage and bring them to his rehab place. Keep reminding him that he has a lovely home waiting for him so he better get well!

Wish we could all help you somehow. Hang in there. Post and let us know how surgery went. Your readers will worry...really, we care that much. ;p

xo, me


Poor Grandpa :( I bet he feels really bummy and you'll have to do some serious cheering up. With all he's been through he probably doesn't feel too great. I like the idea someone had of planting little seeds at his place or plants, plus I think you need a new outfit to cheer yourself up too :0

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