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May 28, 2012


Barbara Anne


Hope everyone enjoys seeing my wonderful ironing cabinet and part of my stuffed full little sewing room.

One correction: DH made this from lumber as he is a cabinetmaker and not from a dresser. I know - lucky me!!

Happy Memorial Day! Our flag is flying... is yours?


Patt Anderson

Great idea..thanks for sharing.


That is so cool!


What a great idea! Thank you Barbara Anne and Nicole for sharing this.


Wonderful! That is so smart!! Love that stash, too!


Stash envy? never! However, I do love that rolling ironing table... ;p


Love the ironing station. If this room is messy, then mine is a disaster area! Looks great to me. Our flag has been flying all weekend. : )


that's brilliant! :)

Christine Thomas

Awesome possum, Barbara Anne. Thank you so much for sharing these photos with Nicole. You've done a service to all quilters out there. Yeah, lucky you to have a cabinet maker for a husband. My friend's husband turned an old dresser into a rolling ironing station. They both look great.

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