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August 29, 2012



I too just started in wool and I love it. I am learning crazy quilt embroidery for on the wool. You may enjoy browsing the wool work on the Primitive Gatherings site. I look forward to more of your projects in wool.

Sandy M

I was telling Thelma this morning that my sister works exclusively with wool. She loves Primitive stuff and is always looking to recruit me! There are felts that are like wool which are a bit more economical and even some flannels that you can incorporate into a wool project to add dimension. I was at my sister's place last week and she was showing me the different types of supplies she uses. Seh doesn't whip stitch though, she uses a button hole stitch and lately has been doing it on her machine. Anyway you should look at the patterns from Heart to Hand ( They make some absolutely gorgeous wool work.

Barbara Anne

How cute are these projects?? So glad you've found a delightful new direction for your creativity!

Our younger son is allergic to wool, so I'm not likely to head in this direction.

Friends who love wool-work have found wool clothing at Goodwill and Salvation Army. They felt it themselves by washing it in the washing machine. If there is any special way of washing it (additive, temperature), I am unaware of that but am sure the information is on-line somewhere.

Ohhhh, would you like to look in thrift shops, in say, IRELAND, for some wool to felt yourself??!




I love working with wool!! You can also staple your pieces to your background if you don't want to use glue:)


what pretty work. I have a friend that has done wool work for a long time. She used to scour the thrift stores too. She has a vast supply of fabric and does beautiful work. Glad you are having fun with it all Nicole.

Denise in PA

Gorgeous! I keep looking at the wool projects whenever I'm at a quilt show, but don't think I've ever bought one. Well, I never did one anyway, I'll have to look through my stash to see if I've ever actually bought one. And if I find I didn't, I'll probably buy one at the upcoming quilt show! o:)

Patty F.

Lisa Bonjean, from Primitive Gatherings (and a designer for Moda), has a wonderful website and online store. You may go crazy!! She recommends using Steam-a-seam (not glue) to secure the wool pieces to the background before sewing them down (and she uses a buttonhole stitch).
I found her wonderful booth at the Houston quilt show last year. She has beautiful wools , threads (dyed to match), and terrific patterns.

Elaine S.

I, too, am a Lisa Bonjean fan and have bought MANY items from her. I love wool projects and have a lot to do yet. You will love it.


I'm afraid to enter the wool zone. I love it but the $$ and a whole new stash? I just don't have the room/$$ but it's lovely. Maybe a kit will be in my future. Love all the patterns you are making, super cute.

Julie in WA

Thanks for sharing about wool workings! I have never considered it, but it does look like fun! I am a cheapskate...would probably just use the felt from the dime store! Of course, it would never have the class and distinction of original felted creations!


Must. look. away. Your projects are sooo tempting!! I do have a wool project in progress. Just moved to a new office and have to perfect space on my wall waiting to be warmed up by the wool/cotton quilt. I will quickly pull that out so I don't get all excited and start new wool projects.


You were wondering about April cornell. Check out apparently she has become quite the thing in decorating.



That kitty pulling the pumpkin is to DIE FOR!!! I love the vintage look! ;p

Yep, wool is expensive but there are some more 'affordable' places to buy. Heavens To Betsy (online) has beautiful wool. ;p

Deb W.

Here is another website "Home of Wool Felt Central.

It has everything you should need and the prices are very reasonable also. I've been very pleased with everything I've purchased there.


Love your project! Is that Boo Kitty? I thought there was a fabric line with him a few years ago and love him! Can't wait to see all your new projects :)


Thank you for sharing your experience with wool. The quilt with the beehive is amazing!!
I am resisting list of WIPs in cotton fabric is far too long already!!!! Lol


Your project is amazing! I thought of trying it, too, but like you, didn't like the idea of having to spend so much to get started. And if it turned out to be like the rest of my "obsessions," I would run out of money quickly. :-) I've seen blog posts from someone discussing how to felt your own wool from garments picked up at thrift stores. If I can remember where I saw it, I'll let you know.


Hooray! A convert! Working with wool has to be the most relaxing experience. Your gonna love every step!

Bari Jo

I, too, have been loving wool applique and slowly acquiring bits and pieces of the gold myself! LOL.... I save the teensiest left overs also! Do you pin and stitch or do you glue down your pieces and let it dry before you stitch?

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