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September 10, 2012


Barbara Anne

What glorious quilts, one and all!! You're right about the stitching on Valerie Brown's delightful Halloween quilt - it's well worth a close-up look!

Hat's off to all who plan this show and work hard - and early - to hang the quilts, take them down, hang the quilts, and take them down again!

Thanks for taking us to this wonderful quilt show with you!

Hope you've found some red, gold, and brown Irish fabrics to include in your new quilt!


Sandy M

It's incredible how they take down the quilts and then set them up again the next day. I knew they had to do something but it still blows me away. Great Show! Thanks for the great pictures!!

Jan S.

Some great quilts there - thanks for sharing your pics with us!


I love visiting quilt shows, even via cyberspace.


What a feast for the eyes - wonderful!!!

Laura Lok

I see you were there on a non windy day. Always love that show


Thanks so much for sharing these photos from the quilt show! I'd love to get out there for the show some day. Can you tell me the name of the sunflower quilt pattern (the last photo)? Is it a Buggy Barn pattern? I'm thinking it may be a quilt for my not too distant future project list! Thanks!

Linda W.

Wow wow, some very beautiful quilts in the perfect setting to showcase them. I am wondering how they hung them so they were secure but without damaging them? (Obviously they are not nailing them to the side of the barn!)

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