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October 04, 2012



I never would have thought to piece the background squares before adding the stars, but that's very clever, you don't have to worry about losing any star points your way! I would have appliqu├ęd the stars then pieced the the blocks. It's looking good at your house.

Maybe being able to focus on just 3 projects at once will be a good start, focusing on just 1 at a time, that's just not you!

I'm thrilled you're happy to be back in your sewing room, what a difference a week can make, we all need to remember that.

Too bad your friend is so busy sewing 1904 that she doesn't have time to blog, I bet folks would enjoy seeing her blocks too.


I seem to have trouble focusing right now too. I am painting and upholstering a lot these days and the sewing machine sits silent. My sewing room right now looks like a tornado went through so I think that is part of the problem so maybe I should start by cleaning that!

Barbara Anne

Love your star blocks and your stellar idea (bad joke!) to piece the 4-patches before doing the applique.

I envy your clear table-top, too, as the table beside my sewing machine has gradually been junked up.

Count me in with those having trouble with focus and it's been going on for months. It started with FIL having that near stroke on June 6, AMIL having a stroke on June 23, and all of the medical and rehab stuff thereafter. Add in DS2 moving out and FIL not doing well in hospice care and it's glub, glub here. Just yesterday I was thinking about how much I need to do, want to do, and should do but how hard it is to get started. Bother! This too shall pass.



I love working on several projects!! It does take me longer to get them done, but I sure have fun!!


Focus, shmocus. Sometimes concentrating is fun, sometimes it's better to have several projects to juggle. (I might not say this if I didn't love ALL of the projects you're working on!)


'focus' - what a good word, one I need to apply to my sewing more

Glad to hear Grandpa is doing well :)


I can't focus on just one thing either---I think I have quilting ADD. Oh well, I don't mind, and I have these bursts of finishes, all in a row, once in a while. That's fun! You need to do what works for you.

As for grandpa; how wonderful that he appreciates you and lets you know! That is precious. I wish I had that from my MIL; it would make caring for her oh, so much nicer.


How sweet to have a lunch date with your Grandpa. I would love to have that kind of relationship with my FIL, who is 93. But he is not very social, and since the passing of my MIL this spring has only wanted to stay at home. My hubby brings him over for dinner once in a while, but he is always anxious to go back home. People are so different. Enjoy your Grandpa while he is still able to get around.


Yes, focus is good sometimes. We women naturally tend to be multi-taskers, so that's our excuse for our quilting habits, too!! I can't have more than 2 projects going on at any given time, but that's because I sew on my dining room table and there just isn't any more room!


It's so sweet that Grandpa is able to tell you how much he appreciates all you do for him! I'll bet it made your day to hear his words! Focus? Sometimes it's so hard when you have lots of quilty ideas whizzing around in your brain!!!

Linda Kay

I really like the Halloween quilt -great colors and fabric choices. I also think it is so heartening to read of someone taking such good care of an elderly person and treating them with such kindness and respect. Would we all be so fortunate to be treated that way if and when we get to be elderly.

Ellen in Oregon

I think you & your Grandpa are both very lucky to have each other.
Some people are perfectionists and are able to focus on 1 project at a time. They seem to be very goal oriented. The rest of us are multi-directional and tend to be process oriented. We like the variety and are happy as long as we like what we are doing at the moment. It's nice to have a bunch of projects to switch things up. If we actually finish anything - well, that a bonus. Focused people end up with a perfect quilt and us multidirectionals have fun & a few UFOs. There's room for everybody.

Debbie R.

You know what. Just a few days ago you had the blues. And now you're dipping into projects that excite you, and you're so motivated that you're burning the midnight oil. That is a kind of focus. And it seems to be bringing you joy. So just go for it!

Bari Jo

Focus is good... if I could only find mine! LOL....Way to be on a roll in your sewing room! And awwww... I love that your father in love is so sweet and your care for him is precious, too... what a blessing for both of you during this season - I know you are as blessed being with him as he is being cared for by you. And in the midst of all the loved ones you care for - I am glad you are getting your mojo back with your quilting! I think you do have focus - a lot of it... so many ideas - so little time! :O) Like a kid in a candy store, huh?

Bari Jo

ps - tell 'Cupcake' up there that we would love to see her blocks, too! LOL


This post brought tears to my eyes. Caring for others can be draining and hard work. But obviously he appreciates it and loves you, as you do him. I am sure that in the end your selflessness will pay dividends. Take good care of yourself too!

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