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October 18, 2012


diana young

if you dont mind my asking or telling where did you get the oganges, tans and blacks fabrics for the halloween quilt having troubles in that area i dont really want to order from a dozen sites i did not kit it


Amazing quilts- all of them!! 'm especially fond of the red and yellow one.

Christine Thomas

Like I need another project to drool over. The straightness and tidiness of this particular project definitely appeal to me. And it does look like a great way to use up scraps. I will keep it in mind (after I complete the other zillion projects.)
I really like the ones that use more than 3 layers per spool.


What a great job everyone did! Love all the different color combos and settings :)


What a fun sew along! Definitely lots of options for using your imagination! Thanks for the show & tell to both you and Thelma!


How fun, I love how everyone interpets the pattern to themselves. The yellow/red one floats my boat and I love the narrower strips of CW that you used on yours. They are all great!


I'm sure Camille couldn't be more thrilled with all the excitement that has been generated by her Spools pattern. I haven't done mine yet, but certainly will. It's sort of a Spools sisterhood sort of thing!!!


Love these! I really should make one for my sewing room wall. That rebel spool is too cute!

Laila Kristin Skauge

Thanks for hosting this sew along! The other quilts looks so gorgeous!
Happy sewing :o)

Jennifer G

I could have sent in a picture of my fabric that I had selected and the scrappy stack of neutrals for the spools. That is the longest part for me anyway ... but I guess I'll wait until I have it actually into a flimsy and I'll send you a picture then!

Audrey Bretz

I bought the pattern. Does that count??? Probably not ;) I just don't seem to find the time to sew in the summer. But watch out machine - I am getting ready to warm you up!!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

What a great parade! Congrat's to everyone!


This made my day! Well, month really. :-) Nicole, thank you so much for doing this, and for showing all these lovely quilts. They make me so happy!


it was a lovely parade. They are so unique and delightful


Everyone did a great job on this quilt. It's fun to see all the variations. I especially like the shades of beige Amber used for her spools. That's the color of the spool that I remember in my mom's sewing box.

Dresden Quilter

They are all wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation.


great show!!

Barbara Anne

Love 'em, one and all! The best thing is that no two are alike and each one sings its own happy song!

I'm off to see Thelma's part of the parade.



Everyones quilts look beautiful. I have started my quilt but have an issue and wonder if any one else has run into this. When sewing on my top and bottom of the spools my seams are not lining up correctly. I end up with a mess. Has anyone else had this issue.


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