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November 09, 2012


Barbara Anne

What happy mug rugs these cheery red and cream fabrics make! Hope they and the new zippy bags you'll make will virtually fly out of the shop door.

Your red tree is amazing! What kind is it? Have to confess we mostly "cut" the leaves and let them become mulch where the mower flings them. I recommend this approach as it falls to DH to do it!!

FIL had a reverse reaction to the calming med. that was given him this week and we've been run ragged as he has been awake most of the time, mean, determined to get out of the wheelchair (forgot his legs don't hold him up), and generally mad at us. That med. has been flushed and he's going to get good old Thorazine starting today. I think that calm elephants with that ....!:)



Love your scrappy Double X blocks! They will make cheerful coasters! Looking forward to seeing the boxy zipper bags! I'm with you! The leaves on the trees in my neighborhood deserted their branches way to early this fall!

Jennifer G

I loved the picture of your fall tree (maple - right?). I use to live in North Carolina, and we could really enjoy the changing of the leaves .. but in Texas not so much (at all).

I laughed out loud when I saw the next picture with all the fallen leaves. Still pretty, but what a shame you couldn't enjoy them on the tree for a bit longer.


Put a rake into the hands of the baby...she'll love playing in those leaves! ;p


Fall is gone here. We had snow yesterday. On the other hand it is supposed to be near 70 on Monday. What the heck!


Rhubarb and Ginger is one of my all-time favourite fabric ranges. Your next set of little bags will be gorgeous in that' fabric. It's spring here and my front yard looks the same with a carpet of jacaranda blooms ... just lovely.

Nancy Watkins

You're a working machine Nicole! I can't believe how much you get done. I dearly love Rhubard and Ginger and your tree is gorgeous. Everything is dead and brown in my area now. Have a great weekend!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Your mug rugs are going to be so pretty Nicole!
You will probably have lots of little help with the leaf raking.


My backyard has a foot of snow...yuck. Your mug rugs are so cute

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love red and white quilts. This is going to be magnificent.

Sandy Brown

Love your mug rugs - you should make some "wine-themed" mug rugs. They have some great fabrics out there with grapes and corks and bottles that would make beautiful mug rugs and even "zippy bags". The bags would be great to hold wine stoppers and openers and corks in. Just a thought...

Your energy amazes me.


The tree is gorgeous! What sort is it? I love autumn leaves, but as our natives in Australia are evergreen we don't get as much colour as other countries do. We have to plant our own deciduous species, so I'm always on the look out!

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