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November 16, 2012


Mary on Lake Pulaski

It looks great Nicole.

Mary Kastner

Yes, it does look great. I know with your little helper how hard you worked to get this all accomplished. I'm sure you will get some great sales before the holidays.


Lisa D.

What a great display! I hope you sell tons!


You go girl!!!! Nicw job getting all that done AND watching Eva in the middle of it all. Your display looks very nice. The table runners are gorgeous, very classy. Now take a breath and relax over the weekend! :) BTW, I was so inspired by all the tissue holders you completed that I have decided to add those to my Christmas list of gifts to make. I Googled the tutes and and I'm ready to get started next week! THANKS!! :)

Pat Lauen

That Basset Hound in the picture is so cute!!!
Is he for sale? His picture?

Bari Jo

Looks great! You sure got a ton done!!!


Your tablerunners look so good! Funny about the Fig Tree vintage fabric, I totally have I know what I can do with it :) PS love your little teenager, I think pink camo would be cute.


So impressive Nicole!


It all looks great! You are wonder woman!


I am still working on the same table runner that I started 4 days ago! Somehow I pulled a muscle in my lower back, and the sewing machine chair and foot pedal are extremely uncomfortable right now. You amaze me with your production in one week!


Well done, NIcole! Well done!


Great job! Just a thought - do you have a clear glass cake stand? Great, easy way to elevate and not distract from the beautiful Christmas colors and fabrics.

I love the quilt you are using for your header background!

Barbara Anne

Yesterday swirled away with me along for the ride, so here I am to play catch-up! Good morning!

Love your wonderful display and think your arrangement shows off your beautiful creations very well. Thank you making the photos we can click so large. It's like I can reach out and pick up something from the table!

Ah, yes, camo bags with pink, turquoise, purple, or lime green zippers would really delight many a young lady!

Hope you can rest and play this weekend. You've earned a break!



If I wandered into the shop I would so buy one of the table runners. They are beautiful!

Helen in Switzerland

Somehow I think they will all be gone in the twinkling of an eye!


I need a dose of what you're drinking, Nicole, to get my production line revved up! Your display looks wonderful. Fingers crossed for lots of sales :)


you=my hero! ;p

Lynne in Hawaii

Impressive! You did a very nice display. Amazing what you can do...think how much more could get done if there were no distractions...(never happen) but WOW you did a lot.

Mother Goose

New name for you -- Wonder Woman. Fabulous display and a culmination of more hours of cutting, sewing, pressing, etc., than most people realize, especially while babysitting. Congratulations.


Beautiful!!!! You did a great job!


You are wonder woman!!!


You are amazing... and an inspiration!

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