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November 20, 2012



YES, and share him with me :) I wish they would create one we could just flip a switch on the wall, and all the furniture, window treatments, and floors would be sucked clean. Of course, I would hold on to my cat! Get job on all these projects. Love the fabrics. Rebecca


Mug rugs - last quick bunch I did I just ran an "X" line of stitching across an hour glass block. I have also done a pinwheel - easy piecing and quick straight line quilting. Another group I have done with strip piecing right onto the batting. Those are really fast!


How about using a 'quilt as you go' method for mug rugs? They're quick & easy and always look very nice! Love your newest zippy bags! If Baby E hates the vacuum be careful when it comes time to watch the animated appliances in "The Brave Little Toaster" video!


Maybe get baby E her own little toy vacuum and vacuum with her with your's off. Maybe that will get her used it.

Denise in PA

They mug rugs are cute - but I understand why you're sick of them! i have one of those lightweight bagless vacuums and I liked vacumming for about a week - now I hate it just as much as before - LOLOL!

Barbara Anne

Love Rebecca's idea for a super sucker that takes care of all the dust bunnies as if by magic. Of course, your idea of the hunk has merit, too! :)

Love the new mug rugs and my suggestion is to applique a star in the middle of each square. Is that more work than it is worth, too? I love making Evening Star blocks and never seem to tire of those. Perhaps you should up your price for these sets?

Am sewing binding on the 1st of the 2 Christmas wall hangings so may actually finish them by Friday. Yippee!



I'm all for the hunky guy pushing the vacuum around while I watch! I would much rather quilt than spend time cleaning house!


I got myself one of those bagless supposed wonder vacuum cleaners when I retired - not so wonderful - you have to clean out the canister after each use and wash the filters every so often - let's face it vacuuming is the pits no matter what appliance you use.
Your mug rugs are lovely but people do not realize the work that goes into producing them so if you price them for what they are actually worth (raw material and labour) they will not get bought.


Happy Thanksgiving Nicole! It will be great even if the vacuuming doesn't get done. Maybe it's better to wait until afterward anyway - people will be standing on the rug, not looking at it, and it will be dirty after they leave. Just do it once. That's my motto (actually my real motto is: do I have to do it at all?)

Susan Quinn

I love the bags that you're making. What pattern are you using?

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