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November 21, 2012



Happy Thanksgiving, Nicole! Love the zippy bags--you are an inspiration in every way.

Debbie R.

Happy Thanksgiving, Nicole! Enjoy your time with Eva and Grandpa today, and the time with your student, and definitely do the baking and cooking. If you don't get to all the cleaning, oh, well. Polish up the bathroom, dust the obvious surfaces, vaccuum the centres of the rooms, and then keep the lighting low and use lots of candles. People will be there for family and food and they won't care about (or even notice) a little dust. Enjoy!

Audrey Bretz

I like your thinking, Debbie! Isn't it amazing how we do manage to get it all done somehow! Have a wonderful holiday!

Sandy M

You can do it!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Barbara Anne

The zippy bags are just as charming as all get out! Well done!

You'll need to be Wonder Woman to accomplish all that's on your schedule today, but if anyone can do it, it would be you.

I've already decided no trifle will be made, so just need to boil sweet potatoes today, do laundry, finish the binding on the 1st Christmas wall hanging, do the hand stitching start to finish on the binding for the 2nd, make two labels, breathe, have lunch, and go to FIL's 88th birthday party.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all!



My sister is a squirrel FANATIC and the one on your table is adorable!!!!!

Sallee Cee

Happy Thanksgiving Niclole! Love the zippy bags...if I was in CAL I would buy one. Have fun with your busy schedule - that makes it all worthwhile.


Those zippy bags are really pretty, and the spool button is just the cat's meow. I think Debbie's advice is perfect. Enjoying yourself with all your family is the most important part of the whole holiday.


I meant to comment a couple days ago, that your son-in law's shop display is beautiful, and I would be so pleased to be able to shop there and say "I know who hand-crafted these beautiful items!"


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I babysat my 5yo grandson for the day and he "helped" me bake. I now need to wash the kitchen floor. But he is having a wonderful time with Nana.


I LOVE your zippy bags...but mostly your spirit. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Here in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago - I love reading about your American Thanksgiving. Enjoy!


Another beautiful batch of zippy bags! Those are really so cute they'll fly out the door of the shop! Enjoy your day with Baby E & Grandpa! The baking & prepping will happen when it always does! Happy Thanksgiving!


Those bags are the cutest yet! Love the embellishments. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Bari Jo

You can do it - we've seen you in action before - and you rock it out! (Just make sure you zip up that wonder woman suit before you bend over and vacuum... just sayin' hee.....) Happy Thanksgiving!


You're crazy but awesome at the same time! ;p

sherry :o)

Oh my - you have been busy. I caught up with the past few weeks just now. Beautiful French General, zippy bags, red & white, grandbaby, student quilt is coming along nicely and it sounds like you had a great holiday! Don't you just love pie?! Funny, my sisters and I also pondered an appetizer and mom squashed that idea! Hope you go into this holiday season with much excitement and plenty of time to enjoy!!

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