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November 19, 2012


Barbara Anne

Smiling at the pictures you've painted with your words. What can be better than good food, dear family, being warm and dry, and sitting in puddles of lamplight on a rainy day? How sweet it is!

We're talking about the menu for Thursday, too. FIL can only eat really soft foods now, but that's where the Kitchen-Aid chopper comes in. We'll have turkey, cornbread dressing (6 eggs), sweet potato casserole made without pecans this year, mashed potatoes because FIL loves the way DH makes them, Mary Lou's corn pudding, green bean casserole, devilled eggs, and home made hot rolls. AMIL is making a lemon cake and has ordered a Paul Prudhomme pecan-sweet potato pie (groan!) and I'm making a Cranberry Trifle (1/2 recipe given all the other goodies). We'll need a crane or fork lift, too. An appetizer? No thanks!

Enjoy it all!



An appetizer! ...and a crane! That is hilarious!


Enjoy your Thanksgiving week and feast. Us in Canada have had our Thanksgiving back in October. I would eat another Thanksgiving feast no problem. I love turkey and all its fixings.


Always great to have a few leftovers on hand, especially when you have a busy week ahead of you. Your Thanksgiving menu sounds just like ours was here in Canada, but we have plain sweet potatoes and cheesy Brussels sprouts. And of course, lots of pie. I especially like leftover pie. I also tend to repeat this same menu for Christmas because it's so easy.


Sara's question made me chuckle. I love your approach to the cooking for Thanksgiving, a great way to view traditions. Think I might use that for Christmas.


lol@ 'don't you think we need an appetizer?' ;p

happy thanksgiving and enjoy your family!


My sis and I had this same conversation this morning! We were comparing menus, both very traditional but where she has four desserts at the end and no appetizers. I have two appetizers at the beginning and two desserts at the end


How very funny! My hubby and son are heavy equipment mechanics... they have cranes on their trucks! They will be quite busy here.. sorry they won't get to any other house. LOL


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Eat, drink and be merry! Bring on the appetizers...AND desserts! (and, yes, a crane)!

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