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November 15, 2012



Here's hoping all your hard work flies out the door of the shop this week-end! Everything looks so festive & your display/tag ideas will be great! Can't wait to see a photo of all of it set up!


Love it, love it, LOVE IT!! Your ideas for the packaging of the mug rug sets and displaying of all your items are fantastic! Those boxy zippy pouches are adorable. Can't wait to see the remaining pouches. JoAnn's is a staple at my house specifically because of their coupons. Depending on my "heirloom-ability" of the item I am sewing determines where I get the fabric.


Look at all that productivity! I am also a Joann "snob" and generally only purchase my batting, notions and craft supplies there. I love those coupons! Last week the 60% discount coupon was put to good use buying fusible fleece.
Bundling your mug rugs with ribbons and decorative ties is a great idea! I have also purchased plain, white Kraft bags at Joann's and I use those stuffed with white tissue to wrap everything I sell. I picked up rolls of wired ribbon in my "store" colors that I tie on the bag handles sort of like they do at Coldwater Creek. It is always a hit. I think it is the little things that make the biggest difference.

Barbara Anne

Applause, applause at all the wonderful items you've made for the shop! You know, I was just thinking yesterday that the mug rugs needed to be tied up with ribbon, so we were on the same wavelength! The tags and stickers will be perfect, too.

Score on the Christmas beauties from JoAnn's! Before you set up the shop display, be sure to mark the trays and Merry Christmas sign "NOT for Sale" if you want to keep them.

Your new Christmas quilt header is lovely!!


Jennifer G

Love it all! Yes, I have started shopping at Joanns much more in the past year than before. I didn't know they had as many items as they did for quilting, and like you, I think I was being a bit of a snob. I did see recently that they sell the Kona solids that I hear so much about, but I have so far stuck with either the designer fabrics for backgrounds and backings, or gone with Bella Solids only. Great items! Can't wait to see your display!!


Love it all!! Can't wait to see the display! ;p


Yes, I shop at Joanns. Not for fabric, because I too am a bit of a fabric snob, but for all the other stuff: notions, markers, rulers, blades for my cutters, batting or fusible fleece, etc. And there is a Joann app for the phone. Just used a 40% off one item one today.


No wonder you ran out of steam, Nicole! Look at all that fabulous work! I love JoAnn's coupons and use them as often as I can. I don't buy the fabric because of the quality, but when it comes to notions and holiday items, I'm all over it!


Lovely! I, too, will be eager to see a photo of your display. I hope everything sells very quickly!
May I ask what pattern you used for the zippy bags? I have seen a few different patterns for bags like those, but I haven't bought them because I don't know if the patterns are really any good. Your bags are adorable.


WHEW - I am exhausted just looking at all the things you have managed to produce in a few days - makes me feel like a real sloth!!! I hope (know) that all of the items will sell like hot cakes.

Nancy Watkins

Everything is looking great! Love your little "loafs" of bread!


Love everything you've made so far! I agree with the comment above about labeling your display items NFS...they always ask to buy the displays :) Also, what pattern did you use for the boxy pouches...they look familiar? You definitely deserve a big glass of wine after this!


Wow everything looks great! If Santa has any openings for elves I'll let you know! LOL You're so clever adding a "tab" to each end of the boxy zippered bags. Say.. I have a question...
Are those boxy (loaf of bread) bags easier to sew up or are the zippy bags easier?


Your holiday workshop has been way more productive than mine, and I don't have the excuse of a toddler climbing my leg! Congrats on all your hard work. JoAnn's I frequented a lot more when it was in my town--now I have to drive to the next town (only another 20 minutes door to door) so don't go as often. Some of their fabric lines are very good so don't count them out entirely :) Your display is sure to attract plenty of attention!


I am so impressed with your output! Lots of lovely gift-able items coming out of your workshop, Nicole! I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of SOME of the fabrics at JoAnn's. You just have to be careful and judge the look and the hand of each bolt. I love the items you bought to enhance your handmade goodies!

Helen in Switzerland

It's looking good Nicole!!

Megan K

Woohoo for productivity! Hope you're planning to kick back and relax this weekend! I get my notions and some of my Kona solids at Joann's or Hancock Fabrics - the Hancock's is closer to my house, and the women there seem to be more knowledgeable than the local Joann's crowd, even if their inventory isn't quite as large.

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