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November 13, 2012



Wow, you have been very busy! Love the table runners and coaster sets - very pretty:) I'm impressed - it's amazing what we can get done when we put ours heads down and just get it done!


Everything is great. But if you end up with a little spare time (ha-ha!) you might want to make up a set using the turquoise/blue. That would coordinate really nicely with Hanukkah decorations.


I think the table runners are so pretty. And great idea not to bind them. A real time saver.


I do exactly the same thing when I am making table runners that I sell. Not having to do any binding is a huge time saver!


Holy cow, you really are a sewin' fool! Love all of it. Who cares about housework anyway!


Go, Nicole, GO!! You really cranked those out and every single one is beautiful!!! I agree, if you have any time you might try a few of the blue/aquas just to test the market waters for Hanukkah decorations. Hope your postal delivery arrives today!


LOL! I'm sure you'll pull it off! Loved the hair comment!


All that with a baby hanging on your leg? Wow! Is Wonder Woman your middle name? Love the tablerunners and so will their new owners. I used the Adoring fabric line to make a hexagon Christmas tree skirt for my daughter, minus the navy and turquoise prints... I'm more of a tradition Christmas color kind of gal. Doesn't look like you'll have any trouble meeting your Friday deadline. Besides,housework should always take a back seat to creativity!


They are pretty! Binding is definitely an extra step that non-quilters who may purchase your runners won't want to pay extra for--pricing these things is tricky, isn't it? I'm making some for sale now and am going to bring the backing to the front for binding, saving some time yet still giving a binding look. The mug rugs look sweet too.

Julie in WA

I'm afraid I am rather ignorant of envelope finishing. Please explain!


Good going!!! Great idea of finishing up the table runners - I'll keep that in mind for when I next do one.

Nancy Watkins

YOU-GO-GIRL! I still love those awesome table runners!

Karen Seemuth

Nice work on the table runners and mug rugs.

I can't remember reading if you use a pattern for the mug rugs, or do you just aim for a particular size square?

6 inches? 5 inches?


Looking good! What a great idea to skip the binding on the table runners!

Barbara Anne

Wow! You have been one busy lady, for sure! Look at all you accomplished even with little Miss E tugging on one leg. Seeing all 6 beautiful table runners together makes them seem large enough to be a quilt. Love the little mug rugs, too.

I like the idea of using the blues for those who want something for Hanukkah or for those folks who do use turquoise for Christmas.

Applause, applause!!



These will be lovely in the shop. I posted a little grouping of mug rugs today and my fingers are sore from binding. :-) SEW...whatcha making the shop for Valentines. LOL


I love your tablerunners! Great idea on doing the envelope method, my fave way to do little projects like that. LOL on the baby hanging on your leg...I totally wanted to see a picture of that :)

Bari Jo

I knew you could do it! :O)


lol! You ROCK! You have to get a picture of the baby hanging onto your leg while you sew! It will be fun for her to see when she's all grown up and has the quilting bug. ;p

Now, about that aqua...I LOVE it as a xmas color. Just do. ;p


Everything looks so pretty. I am going to have to go binding-less on some runners that I have waiting to be quilted. Thanks for the idea!

carol beasley

You are a wonder woman. Have to say reading your blog inspires me, keep up the good work.


Geez. Make the rest of us feel like slackers. I did a load of laundry... okay, I didn't actually do it. I just put it in the machine and pushed the buttons. But it was hard. I had to take a nap when I was done. ;)

Good job and congratulations on the ingenuity to help cut down on the time spent. Clever girl.

Helen in Switzerland

I'm sure the table runners will be snapped up in no time - they are gorgeous! I'd certainly buy one if I stopped by!!

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