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November 14, 2012



Amazing what happens when there is a deadline.
Good luck.

Gertie Pye

I know exactly what it is like having a little one hanging off me and trying to press the buttons on my machine! Regretfully I have come to the conclusion that it is silly to even attempt sewing when she is awake. Also regretfully, she doesn't really nap much in the day. I love the tissue covers - they look like really nifty little makes! If I have time I will add them to my list of things to do x

Barbara Anne

You are one totally amazing wizard seamstress and quilter! Whodathunk you could make so many pretty, cute, and wonderful fabric creations in such a short time??

What a charming little busy helper you have beside you, too! Imagine Miss E sitting with a colorful heavy plastic Fisher Price sewing machine! Come to think of it, does FP or any company make those????



It's good you're documenting all this. Otherwise you won't believe everything you've gotten done when you look back on it all. Great ideas!

Denise in PA

I've printed off the tissue holder instructions and EVERYBODY's getting these for Christmas! Thanks for the tip! o:)


Amazing what you can do, Nicole! Those are truly darling little tissue holders. Must look for the tutorial and try 'em.

Sweet Baby E is just so cute! And I love your Christmas blog banner!


The tissue holders look great. I'll have to try those too. I made a bunch gift card holders. They work up really fast.

Debbie R.

Wow. Everything looks great. Love those red and white mug rugs. Table runners are very nice. And those tissue holders are terrific. Your production line is turning out great results. Go, Nicole, go!


Wow Nicole, you are really going to town and everything looks gorgeous. As for sewing with the little ones around, we raised our two oldest grandsons from birth, now 19 and 24...but I made all of their clothes. Sweats, jammies, shirts, even little levis and slacks until they got old enough that we needed to set up bigger beds for them, then my sewing machine went into storage for 13 years. But I digress. When the older one was about a year old, he insisted on being on my lap when I was at the machine. He was very good, never touched anything, just sat and watched. It was a bit awkward but I learned to manage, beside, I enjoyed chatting with him. He learned to talk very early and was actually pretty good company, asking how the sewing machine worked, how to iron the seams and of course the constant "why do you do that?" LOL. But one day he wanted to clip the thread when I finished sewing a seam, so I handed him his little 'safe' scissors, held the thread tight and said cut right between my fingers...well, he missed the mark and got my finger instead. I learned a very good lesson that day...those little plastic children's scissors aren't as safe as you think. Four stitches in the tip of my finger and many little boy's tears later, because he was so upset for hurting grandma (even though we never raised our voices to him for it, when he saw the blood, he knew he had cut me), we decided he would sit in his own chair and read "Cat in the Hat" while grandma sewed. He was in complete agreement, LOL. Hugs...


Wow great productivity Nicole! I was always able to accomplish so much more when my girls were little. After having my grandson who will be a year this month for 8 solid days and nights I was reminded have to make the most of the time that you do have, you know it and so you do it.
Enjoy your little sweetie though these adorable babies seem to be in a big hurry not to be babies for long.

Anita the dimples! I bet you just can't stop kissing those sweet little hands! Funny, you made tissue holders, I almost suggested it yesterday...they're so fun and cute! Great job :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

She certainly is irresistible Nicole! What a cutie.
I made a whole bag full of the tissues holders and brought them to our last family get together and let everyone choose one. They were a hit.


Oh thank you so much for this idea! I've been shopping today and one thing I was looking for was small inexpensive gifts for my co-workers. I came home empty handed. But wow, you've got the answer for me! I can whip these up in no time! Thank you so much!

Bari Jo

What an adorable distraction! The best! You are whipping things out right and left - way to go! Thanks for the tip on the tissue tutorials... fun! Will go search now! Love the changes you make to your blog banner - this is so festive! I'm getting excited to decorate for Christmas soon! Pretty quilt!

Wendy Ouellette

I can relate Nicole; if it weren't for deadlines I wouldn't get anything done!
Love your little "helper" she sure is growing!


lol, that was her first OFFICIAL picture taken with a sewing machine. It is officially documented and will be pulled out in 15 to 20 yrs when she decideds she wants to learn to quilt!

You ROCK Baby E! ;p

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