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January 02, 2013


Barbara Anne

Applause for the wonderful solution you found to make your two great blocks look very different from each other!!

I also appreciate your openness in telling us you didn't get it exactly right the first time. The best part is that you re-worked your block until it was right instead of tossing it aside or throwing it away and beginning again.

Have never joined Flickr, so will give that some thought.

As I clicked to reply here, I just glimpsed a post from yesterday so will go back and see what I missed.



There are crickets in my sewing room, too....


Hehe, I had noticed your blocks were the same but with different colour placement in your earlier post. I thought it was deliberate! I like your remake. Have you seen Sherri's blocks? Hers are so different I had to look twice to check that they were the same block!


lol, if it were me? i wouldn't unsew. i would have made another block and used the one that was too similar for the backing or throw it into my orphan box. yes, i have an orphan box of unused blocks. someday, they will be know, long after i'm dead. ;p

i love your colors! ;p


You are too funny! I get crickets chirping when I ask for volunteers to clean the house :) Totally love what you did to switch up your second block, it's completely different than the other version I saw. I'm a great copier, so flickr is definitely my friend :)


I don't care what you say...all three are gorgeous!! Oh, and I kept looking at the first two wondering what I was missing. ...duh...if you hadn't pointed it out...chirp, chirp, chirp...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and process on these blocks. I hope to give them a whirl later and any and all tips are welcome. The second block sure does look differnt now!


I had noticed yesterday that they looked similar, but only after checking out how some of the others did theirs. I LOVE your redo and even more the fact that you did a blog about it and how it is ok to be inspired by others. Can't wait to see more!!


One little change made a big difference in your blocks! Nice! I just started a new quilt, Country Threads, Best of All. All of the blocks are the same star pattern but different fabrics. I will keep this in mind when trying to change things up! Thanks for your post!


Wow, your attack strategy worked great! Hope you feel great about it--the blocks are lovely.

quiltmom anna

Beautiful blocks and terrific fabric choices Nicole- you do have such a wonderful eye for what works together. This will be another stunning quilt. Thanks for sharing your challenges and suggesting a solution or two-
Happy New Year to you and yours,
Warmest regards,

Bari Jo

OOOOH NOW I GET IT.... took me a bit but you just gave me an aha moment! Thanks! :O)

Jennifer G

Ok - you convinced me to jump on board. I'm trying to decide between two collections though... Judie Rothermel's Strawberry, Blueberries and Chocolate or French General's Le Belle Fleur. Decisions, decisions!

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