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January 15, 2013



Oh my, those fabrics are so lovely! Cannot wait to see how it looks.

Tracey Holzer

Thats going to be gorgeous! Its nice to see you working on some bigger quilts.

Audrey Bretz

This is going to be another winner for sure!

Barbara Anne

What a lovely array of yummy fabrics you unearthed and that pattern is wonderful! Yes, indeed! This will be another glorious quilt a la Nicole! The great thing about scrap quilts is there is no chance you'll ever run out of fabric!

I also create sweetly beribboned bundles of fabrics that I think look good together. Some have patterns or paper noting book names and page numbers tucked under their ribbons, but others have no pattern yet.



:-) Pretty Maids is also a pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. It also would have been gorgeous in your fabrics!


Oh my you are quick with the cutting and with a toddler under foot too. The pattern is lovely as are your fabric choices. Great find in your own cupboard!

Peggy Reilly

I've made the Message in a Bottle quilt and it's one of my favorites and I can guarantee that it will beautiful in your fabric choices. Have fun!


oh wow, such pretty fabrics. This is really going to be pretty.


What a wonderful find! Your fabrics will be stunning in Message in a Bottle! You must feel like you've hit the jackpot! I received a Fit to be Square ruler set for my birthday so I can start using it for the Blogger Girls BOM!

Nancy Watkins

I'm drooling! Blue and brown is gorgeous together!! Can't wait to see the top done.


Something old, something new -- great concept, Nicole! Those blues and browns are just gorgeous.

Dresden Quilter

I am looking forward to seeing this quilt. I love the blues and browns. I decided for the year too, to do one new, one old. So far, it is working out really well.

Debbie R.

Nice to discover such treasures in your stash. The blues and browns are gorgeous. Can't wait to see your progress on this one. And thanks for the ruler demo -- looks like I need one of those, since I've been avoiding that block.

Sue Babich

I just love the brown & blue fabrics ! I agree if you finish 1 UFO you deserve to start a new one ;-) Great plan!

Jennifer G

Beautiful fabrics! I'm fast becoming a big Judie Rothermel fan. I must say, that you are the first blog I open each morning and I can't wait! Always great pictures and funny quips. Thanks for starting off my day with a smile!


I do love Judie Rothermel's fabrics! She always hits the color notes I favor. Technically maybe this would not be considered starting a whole new project. After all, you didn't go out and BUY anything new, it is all stash and pattern you had on hand, right ? LOL It is going to be beautiful.


Dang! Again! I love the idea of that tool! ;p


Love those blues and browns!! I have a few of those prints, but not all the gorgeous ones you do. Can't wait to see your first block :)

Bari Jo

Oh what a find you have on your hands! And I always appreciate the tips for the tools/rulers! I like to make things oversized, too, and trim down - otherwise I just can't make things fit right and it takes the fun out of trying to get a pattern to work out no matter how slow I sew and how careful I am of my seam allowance. I love Carrie's patterns - she does that a lot and the few I've had opportunity to make have come out and made me want to do more of hers!


Wow, what beautiful fabric! Can't wait to see how that will come together in a quilt!


I've been humming and hahhing about buying these fit to be rulers. They are it readily available in Australia and I worry about them snapping on their long journey here from the States. I also think I should be accurate enough to piece without having to trim down, but lets face it, 10 years and how many thousand flying geese and squares later, and it still only ever sort of fits! I collect fabrics for a project, put them in a bag with a pattern too. U fortunately, I can't forget about them and feel guilty when I buy more coz its just so pretty and would be great for that pattern I've just seen!

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