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January 14, 2013



Nicole, CONGRATULATIONS! I can't believe you finished Jellystone so quickly. I have always loved this quilt, and your version looks great. You must be so proud and feel so good to have finally finished this wonderful quilt. I'm so happy for you! Woo Hoo!!


It's beautiful, I love it. I've always liked this pattern but never found time to make it.


I love the scrappiness of this quilt! Hooray for clearing out UFOs!


WOW - there is no stopping you when you get going - what a great start to the new year.

Gertie Pye

What a lovely quilt Nicole! The colours are very you. I am very impressed that you have a quilt finish before we are even halfway through January! I also loved your previous post where you showed your troublesome blocks from first time around on this pattern. Look how fabulous it looks now!


Your quilt looks beautiful! I have made this quilt too, and you are right - it is a good quilt to have done,finished,and completed! It is a quilt that is really worth all the effort though and the feeling of satisfaction when done - is great!


It's beautiful!! So much better than sitting in a box huh? =)


Lovely quilt!! Yay! For the first finish of 2013!!

Helen in Switzerland

It's gorgeous Nicole - well done - what a super first finish of the year!

Mary Kastner

Great job! I love the scrappy look. You are one determined lady when you get the job going.


Nancy Watkins

Another wonderful quilt! Look at that border!!!

Barbara Anne

Glorioski!!! Your Jellystone is one grand, happy, and delightfully scrappy quilt!! Applause, applause and well done to you!

I think I can see you smiling in deep satisfaction from here. :)


Sandy M

You go girl!! You started the year with a Bang! This one turned out gorgeous. I love it!


I love scrappy quilts and this one 'takes the cake'. Nice job. I'm glad you got it finished. Thanks for sharing.

Dresden Quilter

I love this so much. Your colours are always so amazing.

Jennifer G

Congratulations! I know it feels good to complete a top, especially one that was sitting patiently for your to return. Love how it turned out and can't wait to see your next pick on the list!


You should be so proud & satisfied with this finish! Absolutely perfect in every way! Congrats!


I pulled out a ufo and got the top together yesterday. I think I'm going to add a piano key border, but I'm thrilled to have it together! Your finish is fabulous, this looks like a big quilt.


High Five--no--High TEN for finishing this huge top. It looks terrific!


Love this quilt! So excited you got it completed!


Looks great Nicole and congrats on finishing an old project! This pattern is on my "must do" list as well.


Simply wonderful! Love the colors, fabrics, everything!


It looks great! The color palette is beyond my realm of comfort, but I really love it! Nice job.


Good job, Nicole! I love it.

Lisa D.

It's really beautiful, Nicole. I'm sure you're glad you completed it and now can enjoy it! Did you use most of the kit fabrics? I got mine out this weekend and it's a very odd combination. It shames me to say I only completed 2 quarter block segments! The best part about this quilt class was meeting, you!

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