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January 04, 2013


Jennifer G

I am soooo jealous of your tidy sewing space! My space was taken over at Christmas as the staging area for gift wrapping, returns, receipts, junk, etc... We still haven't recovered completely. But, I did clear a bit of room off my table last night to finish a binding attachment, which made me feel better. This is the weekend to do what you have done. Looks great Nicole!!


no need to fess up, as any good quilter has many UFO's in their closet. check my blog for a linky party to 'first quilts' for the first of the year. (lalaslovelys at blogspot dot com).


Good job, Nicole. I am still working on my Halloween 1904 HST's....OMG endless. Also, the "crickets" in my room made me sew the orange squares to the black ones, instead of the white trying to remain calm as I decide how to proceed...;-). Is your design wall just a piece of flannel tacked up? I need to get one and am wondering what is best, in your opinion. Also, I think I know which project you may give up on....remember that blue, yellow and green one? Maybe just not your colors.

Sandy M

In January my guild has it's annual retreat. I love that is starts my year full of inspiration.
I acknowledge when a UFO stops being that and just becomes a donation project. I have one that just has not made it to the car to take to my guild. They do donation quilts and this one is almost done, but I have no love for it and I don't want to put those final stitches. I know someone else will fall in love with it and it will go to a good home. Why stress about not finishing it? This is a hobby I love, I have no interest in introducing any sort of pressure into it. It's all about letting go and enjoying what you love. Good luck on your goals this year (I always prefer the word "goals" vs resolutions).
BTW: Have I told you how much I love your Shiloh? I think I have but I'll say it again. Love it!


Thanks for giving us inspiration to clean up our own sewing areas. I know that I need to do that also, especially since it is not a dedicated room/area, but different corners of 3 different rooms in the house! I think that you have made good and reachable priorities. Hope the holidays with all the family was WONDERFUL!

Mary Kastner

You can be proud of yourself Nicole for the cleanup. It looks fantastic. Love Shiloh! Great color scheme. My quilt room is a disaster as usual. I can't seem to find time to do anything about it. When I am in there I just want to quilt. Imagine that! Have a good weekend. How did your boutique items sell at the winery through the holidays? You had some good stuff.


Karen Beigh

My sewing room would never look as neat as yours does now. There is just too much crammed in there.


Your plan sounds good, just focused enough. Sometimes you need variety, sometimes you want to work on one thing start to finish. A couple of years ago I decided it is not necessary to finish every project. When one is not turning out as envisioned, no need to put the time in to finish it if I don't want to. I can divert the materials to another use and spend my time on something I enjoy.


I've been trying to finish some of my UFOs, but there are a few that I know I'll never get done. So, like you, I'm letting them go and moving on. Your sewing studio looks so inviting. There's nothing like a cleaned and organized space for starting new projects. My sewing room is not to bad, but it definitely needs dusting and sweeping. Guess that will be my weekend chore. Thanks for the inspiration.


Everything looks so neat and organized. That's a great way to start the year. Purging is on my list and I've got a box that will hold my "less than stellar" fabric purchases of years gone by. Any tops that might just need a border or quilting will make great charity quilts, I got 3 off to Sandy relief and one more top to quilt and store for the next disaster. Work with a longarmer for charity with those "less than" tops! Lord knows someone will be needing one soon.


Focus was my word last year, Nicole, and I worked on UFOs, with pretty successful results. There was no limit on new projects, however, and I have a bunch of those to play with this year to get them to finished quilts. But knocking out that UFO list sure felt good! Your playroom looks wonderful--ready for you to spend many happy hours in!

Tracey Holzer

Well, now your post makes me hang my head in shame, too. I was one of those word choosers at the beginning of 2012. My word was Thankful and I think I forgot about it back in January 2012!!! I've decided to make this my word again for 2013, but I'm now vowing to commit to it for the whole year. So, Nicole, I am THANKFUL for your quilts and inspiration throughout the past while. I started with your friend Thelma's blog and quickly caught on to yours as well. I may not read every single word of every single post because of life's business, but I do look at every single picture that you post. Pictures are my favorite part of blog world.


Everything looks so organized! No word for me this year. I just want to get back to sewing and quilting!!! Say how is your main man pup doing these days?

Barbara Anne

Color me green with envy at the wonderful large sewing room you now have, the amazing storage space, and that huge and useful design wall. My little 10'x10' sewing room is chock full of storage, but I have much more that is in boxes, walkways, and under a supposed temporary folding table that supports my quilts as I sew on their bindings or quilt smaller things myself. That tabletop is about 6" deep in stuff, too. Sigh! "Away" is full here at my house.

Love your word for the year and will mull over choosing a word for myself. Stay tuned!



Nicole, it's looking so good! I have to laugh. I have a constant list of quilts on my "next to do" list. If fluctuates, and there is always a celebration when one moves to completion. I have about 5 quilts I need to get quilted, so will spend a few months concentrating on that. Those will feel good to be done.

We have a girl in our guild who will take any squares that anyone doesn't want anymore, and she puts them together into the most stunning quilts. Then donates them. Maybe you could find someone like that for your quilts you feel you're done with.


Your sewing space is amazing! My word is Finish and I'm looking forward to many of them. I'm severely limiting my new projects but I'm lucky in that I love most of my UFOs so am enjoying getting them to the finish line.

Jan S.

your sewing space is the envy of quilers everywhere!

Nancy Watkins

Hi Nicole...I'm glad that you are human and full of too! I simply adore your playhouse. I love seeing ANY project, finished, unfinished or otherwise. Your design wall shows "great promise!" :)


Cutting loose is sometimes the best thing we can do with a project. It is very freeing!


I like your design wall. Can you tell us about it? Congrats on the clean-up. Wish someone would do that here.

Karen E

Just want you to know that I like your white cabinets sooo much, I showed a photo of them to my carpenter who is making me some for my basement sewing room now. I hope to have them installed and painted in next two weeks!! Can't wait to see them!


I had a bit of a start when I noticed your "spring" quilt on the rack waiting for binding. I am in the process of making my own version of your quilt. I had forgotten where I had first gotten the idea but now that I am reminded - thanks so much. I am to the border stage and hope it will be a February finish!


Hehe, I cleaned and re organised my sewing room between Christmas and New Year too. I've since tackled some ufos I have. It feels so good to get them done. But I have found quilt tops I just don't like anymore. I'm not going to bother quilting them. I may try and sell them on eBay, or just donate them in the goodwill. Glad I'm not the only one who falls out of love with something they made.


How do you like the separate sewing building? I think it would be wonderful but in my heart of hearts I like being close to the activity on the house and near the fridge! I'm curious how it is working for you? Happy New Year!

Bari Jo

this room looks lovely!

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