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January 11, 2013



Love the colors you have chosen. keep it up and soon you'll have it done.

Pat C in Washington

Those are beautiful colors you have chosen. And sometimes a project just has to marinate in a box in a closet for awhile before it's ready to be worked on. Believe me, I know.

Paulette Doyle

LOVE THIS QUILT!!!! You are going to be SEW happy that you gave this quilt another chance!! Gorgeous!


It looks great! This is going to be one awesome quilt!

Tracey Holzer

Your fabric colors are gorgeous. I just finished Double Duty from the same book and it turned out really great. One day I'll do Jellystone, too. Have a great weekend.


That was too funny! I think we have all been there a time or two. Love your blog.


Sometimes things just have to sit there for a while (years!) before they work out.
Super color combinations as always.

Lisa D.

That's so beautiful, Nicole. It makes me want to dig mine out and finish it!


I am so glad you hauled that one out of the closet!! It is truly a gorgeous pattern, and the fabrics you chose make it just so pretty!

Barbara Anne

Applause!! This is one jazzy, scrappy, delicious quilt and will delight your heart evermore. Cheers for the Little Engine's "I think I can" attitude that lead you to bring Jellystone back into the light of day. Yabba dabba do!! Okay, sorry I couldn't resist that.


Stephani in TX

I hear Carrie clapping! And so is everybody else. This is a beautiful quilt. Way to go, Nicole.


Way to go Nicole!!! Doesn't it make you feel smarter than the average bear!!!! Love the fabrics...what are they? This is going to be a beautiful quilt! I am glad someone else multi tasks!


Sometimes we just need a fresh start and a little more experience to get a job done. they look great!


So pretty!


Looks good! I've been wanting to try out a bear paw quilt for a while.


Woop! Woop!! It looks great! And you've had 5 more years experience since then:)

Nancy Watkins

I love this quilt...I'm glad you're working on it! Good feeling, huh? :) I've always wanted to make a Bear Paw.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

What a happy time to get back in the groove with Jellystone! It's going to be beautiful.

Audrey Bretz

That quilt is going to be gorgeous! I am putting it on my TO MAKE list. I love it - everything about it!

Dresden Quilter

I just pulled out an old quilt last night that I had started 3 years ago. It is scrappy reds, but it has taken me so long because i don't want same fabrics to touch. I love all the progress you did, and it inspires me to keep working on mine.


Way to go! I only see beauty! I too tried a bear paw and wanted to claw my own eyes out so I put it away for another year, (lifetime). Maybe when I grow some patience.

Sandy M

This one was one of the first Miss Rosie's patterns I ever bought (I bought True Blue at the same time). Then it came out in the book Carrie published a few years ago and I got distracted. It kept getting pushed back in the to be made pile. I imagined mine in some Kansas Trouble line. I love the scrappy feel of it.
Sometimes you just need to let the knowledge simmer and it will all eventually click.


You always make me laugh out loud!! I appreciate the visuals, especially the ticking clock...I thought I was the only one who spent hours just sorting :0 I think the theme this year is the year of finishes, so you've definitely inspired me to dig some oldies but goodies out! Can't wait to see your progress :) PS - I'm another multi-tasker too!


I love this quilt! I can't wait to see your progress!


I love Bear's Paw blocks but they are complicated enough without that extra piecing of the anchor "paw" center. Carrie does like lots of little pieces. Congrats on your wonderful progress--I am impressed it only took a few hours.

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