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January 18, 2013


Barbara Anne

Applause for your speed piecing once again, my dear!!

The pattern and fabrics are, indeed, wonderful. I had looked closely at this pattern and plan to make it but haven't decided on colors yet. The possibilities are endless, but blue and brown do look great!

We have snow that will melt today!



A beautiful pattern. How did I miss this one? You sure got all those half square triangles done up fast.


I'm stunned - how in the world did you manage to do these blocks so quickly?
Gorgeous piecing and color choices as always!!

Debbie R.

You are so quick. It seems it was only a very few days ago that you decided on this project. It is lovely -- pattern, colours and piecing.


very lovely. I love patterns that have pattern within the pattern! the colours are perfect.


Love that block! Looks so difficult, but simple!!


Love it, love it, L.O.V.E. it!!

Sue Babich

Just Gorgeous! It must be easy because you are making very fast progress on this quilt ;-)


I want those fabrics! Love how they all blend together, great pattern and fabric choice :)

Paulette Doyle

WOW!! Gorgeous! Thanks for the info!


Those "fool the eye" two block quilts are some of my favorite designs! It is looking terrific, Nicole.

Kathy R

love, love, love it! Beautiful!!

Nancy Watkins

It just keeps getting better and better!!!


You're right - this a very cool layout. And I love the fabric :).

sherry :o)

Stunning - absolutely!

Bari Jo

Oh my - this is so pretty!

Liz S.

You are inspirational!

Nancy Watkins

Hi many cream backgrounds did you use?


Very clever how she's designed two simple blocks to make a complex looking larger block. And I agree it does look gem like. The contrasting colours give an almost 3D effect too. The darker colours recede and lighter, brighter colours jump forwards.

Anne Marie Hobbs

I love this!!! Huge fan of Carrie, would love to have her teach over here in Ireland. I think your colours really make it, will have to go buy the pattern! Have been promoting the blogger girl BoM here at the shop in Wexford, the gals are loving the rulers. Keep up all the great work Nicole, you're a treasure to read!!!! Anne Marie


I'm loving this pattern! Did you arrange the colors in any certain way? I'll have to remember this one.


The optic effect is amazing!!! And the beautifull fabrics too, congratulations for your quilt!


Love the colors. It looks beautiful.

Kyle Redente

Love the pattern with your fabric choices. And I like how you adapted the pattern to use a tool to make it perfect. I enjoy reading your blog.

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