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January 17, 2013



I'm excited to see how this quilt turns out.

Thanks for the book recommendation. I read her book Bel Canto and really enjoyed it.


Loved that book - just read it in Nov. Good luck on your quilt!

Barbara Anne

Applause on your bazillion pinwheels!!! Love the fabrics as I've said before.

Your audio book description reminds me of the 1992 Sean Connery movie Medicine Man.

When I sew I listen to CDs or to audiobooks, too. I think it adds so much pleasure to the process.

A 4th rainy day here and we may have snow tonight. In a little while I'm off to take AMIL to see her thyroid doctor and I hope to sew later.


JoAnne McPHerson

I LOVE listening to audio books while I quilt as well. I just finished Fannie Flagg's "Welcome to the World Baby Girl." I love Fannie, her books are awesome. (And she reads them herself, which I also adore.)

Paulette Doyle

Oh man...I LOVE this fabric!! Also try your local library...I get my audiobooks FREE!! Can't wait to see this quilt is going to be spectacular!!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I want your pinwheels.

Nancy Watkins

I've NEVER seen such beautiful pinwheels!!!

Jan S.

What yummy browns! You can't go wrong with Ann Patchett - I really enjoyed the book, too. It has really stuck with me, which I think is a good indication of a great read.

Sue Babich

Yeahhh! Beautiful pinwheels are the worst part is over !

I was trimming 1 1/2" pinwheels yesterday & finished mine too

Helen in Switzerland

Thanks for the heads up on the book - I shall look out for it on audible!

Kathy at Kindred Quilts

Ditto... I want your pinwheels! Love the fabrics! Did I miss a post about a pinwheel pattern or quilt? Will you please bring me up to date on the pinwheel pattern? Designer? Been reading your posts about the trimmers... looks like a few new tools for my sewing room might be in order!


Holy moly, you made fast work out of those HST's and pinwheels! The colors are beautiful (lovin those blues!!) and will look forward to seeing the progress and the completed quilt.

Debbie R.

Beautiful pinwheels!


Ann Patchett is a wonderful writer. Another awesome tool??! ;p


Nicole, did you make your block a little bigger and then trim down to 3 1/2" with the ruler?


Those Judie fabrics increase my heart beat! Love your pinwheels. This will be an awesome quilt! I listen to audio books too. They keep me sewing until later into the night!


Love those colors! I love listening to books while I quilt also. I feel I'm getting two things done at once!

Jan @ Quilting Revolution

I have a pile of "trimmings" just like it on my table. Another quilter at guild has asked that we save these for her. She's doing something called "Quilter's Confetti". Wonder what that's about?

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