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January 09, 2013



Shiloh is gorgeous Nicole, such a shame that your brown fabric has faded. I had some problems with a couple of the fabrics in my Dear Jane quilt, the fabrics were from museum collections from the early 2000's and have faded really badly. One of them is so faded that it's almost unrecognisable.
My quilt was hanging in a spot that got sun at times, but other fabrics in the quilt are just fine, so it's hard to know whether under different conditions the faded fabrics would have been fine.
Are you going to substitute a different fabric, or call the imperfections a part of this quilt's story?


Beautiful! Bummer your fabric faded but it does happen. I try to keep new fabric in my climate controlled dark closet with no windows. If I have a quilt out long enough and even out of direct sun, I can see a slight difference in the unused piece vs the quilt. Maybe you can dye the piece to appear mottled.


I have bought fabric from a shop that when I opened it to wash showed a very visible line of fading along the folded edge. I took it back and got a refund. Now I always check before they cut. I have also had fabric fading in plastic boxes under a table so now I keep fabric in metal boxes. I don't understand how people avoid fading when they keep their fabrics on display to be honest.
Your quilt is beautiful!

Tracey Holzer

Good Morning, Nicole. That fabric makes me wonder what would happen to it once it's washed??!! I might use my Metropolitan Fair for Shiloh as I already have this pattern...I just need to make a decision! Have a great day.

Barbara Anne

OH! Shiloh is just just beautiful! Sorry about the faded brown and the disappointment that it cannot be used unless fussy cut - and then it might still fade, come to think of it. Perhaps it would be best to donate this fabric to the wine shop as a tablecloth or drape.

I have had some fabrics used one particular quilt fade where sunshine fell across the quilt while on a guest bed. One and all, those faded fabrics were various prints on black backgrounds that were bought inexpensively at generic fabric shops in the early 1990s when I was a new quilter and didn't know better. They now look sort of purple-gray.

At a quilt show years ago I bought a yard of lovely rainbow colored batik and when I was showing it to a friend a bit later, noticed there was no color at all on the one side of the folded fabric. I took that fabric back to the vendor and asked for a refund. It was given reluctantly, after the vendor said it was part of the design. I thought not! It turned out the whole bolt was missing color on the side of the fold not immediately visible.

Hope your new brown fabric works out perfectly!



Beautiful quilt...the colors just sparkle and the pattern is wonderful. It will be fabulous.

Christine Thomas

I love the flying geese border. Wow, it really makes that quilt sing and fly. :)


Your Shiloh is looking great! I hadn't really paid much attention to faded fabric until this past summer. The gal I was mentoring through her first quilt projects bought yardage & discovered it was faded on the fold. She was new to buying fabric so assumed it was her own fault for 'not checking' before she bought it. I sent her back to the shop & the owner gave her two yards at no charge to replace the faded fabric. Lesson learned for both of us!

Karen L.

Many years ago, I made a wall hanging for a friend that she hung on her entry wall, behind the front door. I was shocked to see it a couple of months later. The blues had faded to an ugly grey and it was so embarrassing. I gave up quilting for quite awhile after that thinking what's the use if the fabric isn't going to be stable. I think I got that fabric at a discount store. There weren't all the wonderful quilt stores back then. It is discouraging to make a bed quilt and then have to have the blinds drawn to save it from fading. Your quilt is wonderful and whatever fabric you add to it will only enhance it's legacy. After all, our foremothers had to make do as well.

Karen L.


Lovely quilt. I bet the new brown will provide visual interest to the quilt and not be a problem. So sorry that happened with the other fabric. A good thing to check in future purchases from reading the other posts.


I love this quilt! The fabrics are great, the pattern is perfect. Can't wait to see it completed!

Lisa D.

What a bummer about your faded fabric and yes, we have fading in the shop, especially bolts that are near a window for any length of time. I'm glad you noticed it BEFORE you used it in your quilt! BTW, it looks like a Kansas Troubles fabric to me, but then again, why wouldn't it have selvedge information? Maybe it's a knock-off.

Helen in Switzerland

Sorry to read about the brown fabric Nicole, but the quilt is absolutely stunning!!!


If you're not still in love with the quilt with the next border on, I'll send you my address.

It's gorgeous. I love the colors, and over all feel. I like a traditional feeling quilt.

Jennifer G

I thought you said you used this same fabric in the inner border? Will you deconstruct the quilt to replace the inner border with the new fabric, once it arrives? Or maybe I misunderstood. Regardless, your quilt is crazy beautiful and I wish I had endless amounts of time to recreate everything I see you do!


The quilt is beautiful, it's a shame the brown has a fade line. I've never had that happen (yet) - I'd be very unhappy especially if it's from the expensive lines of fabric from today!


What a bummer :( I wish I had some of the fabric in my stash, it looks awfully familiar. I have had fading on my moda fabric, but only cause I was dumb enough to have it on bins next to a window - note it does fade through plastic bins :( Can't wait to see the new brown, I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

Debbie R.

It's oh-too-easy to having fading happen. Good thing you discovered it before using it. I don't think you should worry at all about adding a new fabric for the final border -- you have such a great eye for colour, so you'll know if it's right or not. And if not, you'll just try again. The quilt is SO BEAUTIFUL -- and demonstrates your talent with colour! Can't wait to see the finish on this one.


That quilt is gorgeous even without the final border. It's so elegant.

I had that happen to me a few years ago. I bought yardage to go with fat quarters and where it was stored received more direct sunlight than i thought. When i got it out to make the quilt there was a faded mark every 12" or so. Even good fabric can fade. I'm much more careful now.

B Trojcak

Wash and use the faded fabric as string quilt foundations, so that it will not be a total loss!


Thanks for bringing this up! I need to look at my fabrics closer and protect them from light as much as possible. I hope your new fabric works well for you.


That is a beautiful quilt. Yes, I have had fabric fade after it is in a quilt. Especially wallhangings that may get direct sunlight. However I do keep my fabric stash in a closet with the doors closed.

Jan S.

That is such a shame. I've had fabrics fade when they were folded in a closet. Indirect light came through, and anything near the closet opening faded along the fold lines. Quilt store quality fabric, all. You can still cut the fabric around the fade lines, of course. All is not wasted.

Karen Shackleford

Nicole, that is a gorgeous quilt. Love the green mixed in.


Such a pretty quilt. I hope you like the new fabric and that all goes well - I have been in this position all too often.

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