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April 24, 2013



I love the setting squares. It will be fun to see them with your other squares. I'm so conventional I don't often think of changing things up. You're a good influence on me!

Jackie H.

if you have other blocks to work on these would make a good leader/ender project to work at the same time.


Yikes! I completely forgot about the April blocks! I need to get those finished! Thanks for the demo today--I also need to think about that! I read Nancy in Utah's comments from yesterday & she had some very practical suggestions for poor Ozzie. I'm sure she hit it on the head with her similar experiences. (The orange sandals still are my favorite--despite the eyeglasses theft right off your husband's face!)

Barbara Anne

One of my favorite settings for blocks is an alternate block that gives a diamond or squared up grid surrounding the blocks! What a great idea you had and either straight or on-point will be a lovely quilt. Bother about the hindsight of strip piecing!

These days I'm putting my energy to tidying my itty bitty sewing room as I can hardly move in here. Too much fabric? Too many projects?



Is Eva with you every day? Could you maybe muzzle that cute but destructive little guy while she is awake and playing? I assume that she still takes naps and her toys could be put away then and he could get a "break" from the muzzle during those times, as well. I know how busy and difficult your life is with working, child care, elder care, and now wild-dog care! I would be going out of my mind but you seem to take everything in stride...and find time to quilt the most beautiful creations, as well!


It is beautiful! I'm with you with the strip piecing....I always try to strip piece. Goes faster and I find it more accurate. Oh well, next time! ;p


Hi Nicole, despite all you do you still are a perfectionist and an inspiration.
Regarding Ozzie - could you persuade your student to take him for long, brisk walks in exchange for your lessons?


I do really like your idea about the alternate block and looks really good. Nice to see what others come up with and I might try something like this.....thanks.

Debbie R.

Love your alternate block! Pretty, and peaceful.

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