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April 12, 2013


Susan C

If that happens again,turn on a portable lamp outside the open door (keep an extension cord in the studio)and turn off the inside lights. It will fly right out.

Thanks for sharing your and your student's pretty quilts.

Barbara Anne

The sweet baby quilt is utterly charming and some mother will be so delighted to wrap her little darling in it! Applause for your student and for you!

Methinks you need a screen door on your quilting studio. DH made a screen door for my little sewing room so I have good ventilation and no cats in here! Turning on a exterior light will work, too, as Susan said.

Cheers that you have enough lattice fabric and good luck with all of that fussy cutting!

AMIL seems to really be having a gallbladder attack this week. Last week it was asthma. Do pray! She needs a break.



We would get hummingbirds in our garage...same scenario of trying to it back out unharmed and great excercise too! I had a great visual of you doing that.


I can understand your fear of moths. We live on a lake and every once in a while we have a moth in the house, they are creepy! Love your little baby quilt, very sweet. The lattice fabric you choose is going to look very nice in your basket quilt.

Mary Kastner

The fussy cutting is so worth it. Looks so nice! I share your pain about being exhausted after child care all day. Some evenings I can't even pick up a needle and would NOT trust myself with a rotary cutter for sure! Have a nice weekend.






Do not watch The Mothman Prophesies with Richard Gere. It'll scare the bejeezus out of you!!! After getting scared I stuck it out and ended up actually liking the movie and I don't like scary movies!


Sounds like a fun evening. Moths aren't my preferred company either, but a least you got rid of it. I think the fussy cutting will be worth it as this is the perfect fabric for the lattice. Hope you get a chance to work on it this weekend. Looking forward to seeing some of it put together.


We are getting those huge moths here also so we did a little research and found that they are often called hummingbird moths because of their size, but the bad part is that they are the moth that lays the eggs that eventually become tomato horn worms. Once we found that out we had no problem killing them, better yet we have a cat that likes to eat them...yeck!


The quilting on your student's baby quilt looks very nice...not too much & the "new" wiggly stitching is perfect on it! I like the striped sashing for your baskets--so glad you have plenty! Happy week-end!


I wonder if I am the only one of your followers who doesn't think fussy cutting the lattice will be worth it. I love the fabric and yes, it will be beautiful, but would I be willing to spend that much time and effort fussy cutting lattice? Nope!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I'm sorry, but I'm glad the moth got away. Love your little quilt.


You are too funny with your descriptions! I'm trying to picture this moth with the eagle sized wings, yikes! There are some huge moths in the Bay Area with bird sized wings, but don't remember what they're called but remembered freaking out that they existed so close to me, so I share your fear. Love, love, love that lattice! The way you're cutting it will make it easier for sure, it's just perfect :)

Jennifer G

I know you will probably not rest until that lattice is on this weekend, so I'm really looking forward to a big reveal early next week! What fabric is that lattice and is that red fabric in the box going to be the backing?

Gertie Pye

That fabric is so perfect for the lattice! I knew you would have something clever up your sleeve. Looking forward to seeing how this lovey quilt comes out x

Nancy Watkins

Waawho! You made it before the deadline and looks great! What line is that strip fabric from? I love it. Your moth story sounds terrifying to me. I was sitting on the screened porch last fall and I thought a bird was flying by outside the screen while I was talking on the phone and then I realized it was inside and it was a bat! That ended my sitting in the dark on the screened porch on hot summer nights! 19 years of sitting there and never had that happen. That little incident really messed my night life up!

Debbie R.

You did a beautiful job on your student's quilt. I have a question though -- why isn't she sewing the binding? Surely an important part of a quilter's education.
The lattice is going to look beautiful. Well worth the huge effort.
As for the moth, sorry it took up so much time and energy, but I'm glad it got away. Glad it wasn't a bat (which is what we get from time to time).

Sheryl W

Love the lattice will look great! I tend to suck the big creepy crawl use we have here in Aus up the vacuum cleaner, then throw away the bag!

Sheryl W

Oops, "crawlies".. Darn auto correct!

Bari Jo

Yay - you did it! It looks great and what a great job your student has done! What a sweet relationship you two are building! I love the quilt she is starting for herself!! (and sorry about the bug - ewwww - I freak still - and have a hard time with creepy crawlles - and I have 3 boys LOL.... oy....)


Insect brains are very very very small....

Love the lattice!

Your student's happiness will be something to see when this quilt is a 'REAL' quilt :)

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