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April 11, 2013


Jennifer G

I love seeing new projects taking off! What is that fabric for your lattice - it looks perfect, although I don't envy you trying to get it cut out perfectly. Have fun! I like the pattern your quilting friend/student has selected. I have Camille's book, I need to go back through it again - it's been awhile. That pattern seems like a good one to show off the fabric collection. Have a great end-of-week Nicole!

Barbara Anne

You are in a whirlwind of plans, possibilities, and deadlines! Hat Trick is so cute as are the fabrics peeking out behind the pattern.

Again, my fingers are crossed that you have enough fabric for the lattices you need for your Hill Country Baskets.

Awwwww! A new baby in the family? How wonderful that will be and you are right, burp pads are needed from day one. Do you know what flavor this baby is?

Wishing you well in quilting this last project for your delightful student! Will you attend her presentation? Love the Simplify pattern and those jazzy fabrics. Applause for the fussy cut flower, too!

Sweet AMIL is having gallbladder problems so my sewing is still lagging behind. Roseanne Roseannadanna's father was right - it IS always something.

Happy sewing!


Gertie Pye

Sounds like you have all your ducks in a row Nicole! I love Boho, your student's quilt is going to be beautiful. Can't wait for more Schnibbles x


I'm glad that you took a few minutes to blog before you started in on your mega list of things to get done! I love your students blocks and the fabric she is using.
I had not seen that you could get a 5 pack of diapers... where do I look for those? I am about to do some sewing for my nephews little premie... a few more weeks til he is home from the hospital.
I am so glad that you are going to be in AYOS this year and crossing off some of your Vintage Schnibbles patterns that you haven't gotten to yet! Your Hat Trick is going to be so cute... Noteworthy is just fun fabric. It should be a nice day of play using that group and making nine patches! Have fun!


Isn't it crazy when you have so many projects to finish? I have about 5 and am jonesing to get them done. Love the Hat Trick pattern and the noteworthy fabric from Sweetwater. I might have to order some of that fabric. Thanks for the eye candy. You've given me ideas.


Oh, I am so jealous of your teen student's opportunity to use BoHo! I'm trying to decide between that line and a couple of others to take advantage of Fat Quarter Shop's free shipping this week! It looks like she is making excellent progress.

Your Noteworthy quilt plan also looks cheery and springy. How fun!

May the "good sewing angels" look after you this week as you finish up all your projects.


I love that your student is making good on her promise to sew with you 'forever & ever!' Her new project is very fun looking--like a teenager's quilt should be!! Once you get your list of to-do's organized you'll be able to accomplish so much!


You are a very busy lady, but I have no doubt you will get it all done! I was on a roll last night sewing strips together, but it's stormy in Alabama today so my sewing machine is unplugged for now.
Your student is doing very well. I know you are proud of her!

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