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May 24, 2013


Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I like it SO much, Nicole!

Barbara Anne

Well done! Every phase of quilt making is a step closer to completion! How large is the Spools quilt? Did you quilt it yourself?

Yesterday I finished sewing the pieced border on my Nancy Drew quilt - all in the same year!! :) Now I'm undecided if it needs an outer border but it has already grown larger than I would prefer.


Karen Beigh

A new term "ABB" and I have some of those too.


If I was close by I would run over and grab one that needs binding. I love to stitch the binding on! Iknow call me crazy!


I love it! And I love the one behind it, too!


Very nice! I have only 3 finished quilts, all the rest are ABB or flimsies! (hanging my head in shame.)


Ahh, the best part of quilting, putting on the binding and enjoying the finished quilt in your lap for a few more hours. I love the x hatching on the spools, it's pretty fabulous!


I can't believe your Schnibbles Gentle Art pattern went from the "start" on 5/16 to just needing binding today! You are really on a roll! I love the reds:)

Jan S.

Love those red spoolies! Binding is not my favorite part of quilting, so I understand having quilts wait patiently for them.


Very pretty! Did you do the quilting yourself? Looks great.


Love your red spools quilt. I like the fabric you choose, very antique looking...just my style. Not a fan of putting binding on but I do love stitching it to the back by hand while watching (or listening) to tv. Thanks for sharing your eye candy!


I really love the reds and wanted to do mine that way but not enough reds to yours. Am down to the wire but hope to get done by next week....yours looks great!


Love it!

Wish I had an ABB pile...I can't seem to make much progress beyond the FLIMSY!

Have a wonderful weekend :)


Gorgeous! What else is waiting on that Waiting for Binding Chair? Do I see American Jane --the primary colors right below the spools? Love that! Hope you get some time over the holiday weekend for hand stitching...

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