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May 13, 2013



Oh my gosh.....sounds like a very fun time you had and yes, think those pics of her are after she has made her dish. Sounds like a great recipe though and bet everyone loved it.


Oh, loved your flowy top and very pretty ...


Too funny! I have one of those blouses and the first time I wore it I melted a bit of the sleeve making a cup of tea! I don't think I could ever cook in one. Dinner looks great!


Oh my gosh! As I sit here sipping my morning coffee I can't believe I'm reading my favorite "quilting" blogs. You'd think I was watching a funny youtube video!! I'm laughing so hard I almost sprayed my coffee all over the computer screen.

I too love the Pioneer Woman. Thanks for a great post!


Her mashed potato recipe is to die for. That casserole looks delicious. We'll have to try it.


lol! I am a serious PW devotee too! I recieved her first cookbook for Christmas when it came out and they had to take it away from me and tell me to keep opening presents. She is so much fun to read! Ive made her whiskey bbq sliders and strawberry bars for Super bowl. They were a big hit!

Barbara Anne

Chuckling here as I can imagine how dangerous or messy flowing sleeves and clothing would be in a kitchen. Love you new blouse for wearing elsewhere!

Pioneer Woman is a favorite here, too.



Love PW recipes and her cooking show, I understand the blouse issue, I'd have caught myself on fire!

Jennifer G

LOL... thanks for the laugh this morning.


I am a PW blog follower too. Love her photography, sense of humour and her recipes. If you are ever looking for a good cake, i highly recommend her Grandma Iny's Prune Cake. Sounds terrible, but I promise you, you will not regret it...well not while eating it...maybe later when your waistband is a bit "snug", but it is so tasty. Great post!
Cute blouse too!

Karen Beigh

An enjoyable read today. I would have liked to have seen a picture of you all dressed for your cooking experience.

Linda Kay

Oh, that looks so good! You obviously were able to function quite well despite being hindered by all that billowing fabric!


Whoops! I don't cook in the nice shirt. I leave it laying on the bed and put it on at the last moment!

The chicken enchilada dish looks delicious.


I've wondered the very same thing about those sleeves! Love youg top, but only for parties you are not hosting!!

Robin Chapa

OMG! Get this! My birthday was yesterday (I was born May 12th on Mother's Day in 1974) and my mom made MEXICAN FOOD FROM THE PIONEER WOMAN COOKBOOK for our Mother's Day, Birthday celebration yesterday! She did not attempt the flowery blouse, but we were laughing about it. WEIRD coincidence, huh? She made tequila lime chicken, rice, and refried black beans. I mean..... that is just weird. And EVERYTHING PW makes is delicious. Happy Mother's day to you and Sarah AND Happy Birthday to her as well!


Sounds like a tasty, dangerous meal!! LOL!! I loved this post :-) I've wondered the same thing about cooking with while wearing dangly bracelets. I just can't do it! I can see them getting caught on a pot handle, resulting in a bad situation!

Bari Jo

LOL. You rock. :o)

Nancy Watkins

Oh, Nicole, you are so funny! I love that you dressed up Pioneer style, to cook, no less! I have her cookbooks too, but sadly have only made 1 recipe, the Sloppy Joe recipe. It turned out perfect except next time will not use any red pepper flakes...too spicy for me. So, now I must go dig up my books and check out the enchilada recipe.


I am so glad that you posted this because I was about to give up on the PW! I have the cookbook and have tried two recipes from it in the past but yesterday I printed out her recipe for Eggs Benedict. The one thing I had been waiting to make for Mother's Day. It didn't even come close... an absolute flop. So disappointed. I will go earmark your recipe as one that is a happy face.


You are too funny! I hope the blouse survived the sauce :) must get one of her cookbooks!


You're far far braver than I am. I am such a messy cook that I wouldn't even consider anything like what PW wears. But those enchiladas - I love those! I've made them a couple of times now and they are terrific - they freeze well too! (Instead of one big dish, I assemble two smaller dishes. One gets baked, the other goes in the freezer.)

I'm glad you had a terrific Mother's Day!

Quilter Kathy

Thanks for the giggle this are so funny!

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