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May 14, 2013



I feel your pain as I have done the exact mistake and didn't know how it happened except to say that I picked up a project a year or so later and must have stuck some fabics in the box....looks really nice of what you have done....good save!

Barbara Anne

Well, phooey! The best laid plans ... as you and I well know. Bother! Even if the whites don't match, I adore these happy blocks.

My method of keeping myself on track is to write a note to myself before abandoning a project. I include my thoughts for what I'm making, cutting sizes, how it will be finished, and sometimes even the names or snips of the fabrics. When I finally get back to the project and read my note, I may stick to the original plan or change my mind, but that relieves me of kicking myself because I didn't remember what the plan was.

Not to worry, Sara will be delighted whenever she receives her gift. Love the idea of red flowers to go with it.



I HATE when that happens! I think most of us have experienced something similar, so don't beat yourself up, ok?!

Lisa D.

Those blocks are so beautiful! I'm sorry about the background mix up. Sounds like something I would do. That or ordering a whole bolt of the wrong color Bella solid because I liked it so much when I made a quilt for Lily. Yep, wrong color. Guilty.

Quilter Kathy

OH yes...this happens all the time in my sewing room :)
I say "I must have had a plan...wonder what it was"!!!???
So now you have two great projects :)


Too late for me. I've already been burned by this dilema. :(

They are pretty blocks.


Oooh this is just beautiful :)

Jennifer G

Eva will be thrilled! Love presenting it with some red flowers - and I really like geraniums. They would go perfect with this pattern and fabric. I started on my Swoon quilt last week and had just enough bright white and a ton of this 'other' white. Luckily I had bought one of those Moda Bella Solid color cards, so I know that what I have is the Bleached White and a creamier "Feather" color. Otherwise, I don't know what I would have done to match it later...


I would use them any way. Mix them in. By the time you quilt and wash it you cant tell. Differences just add depth and interest.

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