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May 21, 2013



Nicole! These are all BEAUTIFUL!!! I meant to comment yesterday and got so busy I forgot to come back. :( All 3 of your finishes are just wonderful from the fabric choices to the settings to the boarders!! Nice job on perserving to the end. I'd love to do all three "Forever" from now! :) lol


2 fabulous finishes. How wonderful.

Gertie Pye

Another 2 beautiful quilts Nicole! Definitely time to bask in the glow of just-finished-quilt glory. The 'jewel' effect of the Message in a Bottle blocks is amazingly striking and I hope you do get some lovely custom quilting on those neutral squares. On the right quilt it is worth the extra pennies!

Seeing you complete a series of quilts like this is the inspiration I need to get cracking on another quilt - I am in no-man's-land at the moment and I need a project to get my teeth into!


They are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing =)

JoAnne McPherson

All three of these quilts (including yesterday's) are gorgeous! I know the "Forever" quilt took a long time, but it is so worth it. I love that you fussy-cut all the lattice pieces--that is something that I would do as well. Great job!


What gorgeous quilts! I can't imagine making that many basket blocks!

Karen L.

Fabulous quilts, Nicole. Perseverance pays!

Karen L.


It may have taken you forever, but the basket quilt is luscious! I love your work and read your blog faithfully. Keep up the good work.


Amazing quilts! I can't believe how you've gotten done 3 quilts that are so detailed! Thanks for sharing - love to see the progress and the completed quilts!

Mary Kastner

Standing ovation ! Three beautiful finishes. You are a super woman!



Lovely. "Forever" is beautiful. Isn't that the name of a Judy Blume novel? I never read that one but I remember the name!


Super finishes. It may seem "Forever" for you but compared to my speed it was a fast finish.

Tracey Holzer

These three quilts are prime examples of why I love your blog and watch what you do. Thanks for the inspiration, Nicole!


Beautiful Nicole, absolutely beautiful!!!

Barbara Anne

Yes, indeed, a standing ovation it is! Stand back and look what you did!!!! From your imagination, your fabric choices, and your skills you have created 3 beautiful and very different quilts, Well done!!

You still have the speed quilter award in my book!



All your quilts are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!! You have such a great sense of color and glad you got them done. Would love to see them after the quilting is done too!! Maybe I'll get a few tops done this weekend too. Thanks for the inspiration!

Becky in KCMO

Just beautiful, all 3. Way to go!!

Jayne Honnold

Okay, I officially want to make both the quilts featured here. You have done a magnificent job on both! And the Long Road Home from the previous post looks wonderful, as well. (I have already made it, if you recall.) You are to be commended for persevering as you did! You are definitely not alone; I too get bogged down when it comes to borders.


Lovely, just lovely!

Sandy M

These look fantastic, as does Long Road Home. I definitely can commiserate on the miter corners AND the dragging heels on wrapping things up. Sometimes I get tired of the same thing but seeing the finished piece done and off my wall serves as a pretty good incentive to 'get her done'.
Congrats on the perseverance and finishes!


Gorgeous quilts Nicole, your perseverance was definitely rewarded!!

I loved the Miss Rosie design so much I immediately went and bought it (wonderful that it was available as a PDF version too - no waiting)! This will make a great scrap quilt.


Love both your finishes!


Oh Nicole, those three quilts are beautiful! Well worth the work involved. I love them all.


All that hard work paid off! Each quilt is prettier than the other! Congrats on three beautiful finishes!!!

Jennifer G

How freakin' happy are you today? Having three wall hangings would be an accomplishment for me, but three BIG quilts is just so inspiring! Love all three, but my favorite has to be the Long Road Home.

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